Tragic - Stafford is no longer with the team story

So I’m at Dunham’s with my 7 year old daughter who is a huge Lions fan. She has been to every home game since she was born and has traveled to several away games as well.

On the rack is a Goff jersey and I stop to take a look and my daughter says. Dad I’ve outgrown my Stafford jersey and I need a new one. Can we get one?

I proceed to explain to her that Stafford is no longer on the team and that he was traded to the Rams. Instantly she breaks down with giant crocodile tears and starts balling in the middle of Dunham’s that she doesn’t want Stafford to be gone. That he’s her favorite player and the Lions got rid of Snacks and now Stafford. Who is she going to cheer for? …… mind you she’s making a huge scene.

Some old lady walking by asks what’s wrong sweetie and she screams even louder, tears running down her face. WE TRADED STAFFORD!

I offer to buy her a new Goff jersey figuring I was probably going to do it anyway and she makes it readily clear she doesn’t want Goff to be her QB.

A store associate comes over and says to her. I don’t want Goff to be our QB either …. to which I explain that he’s not helping any…. lol

What do you say to that?

Here she is in her Stafford jersey.

Look at this face!


Ouch, brutal…reminds me of some of the posters on here though. LOL

I was actually at Dunham’s today as well and saw the #16 Goff jersey and briefly thought about buying one…but I haven’t bought a jersey since getting Barry’s rookie authentic jersey back in 1990!!!

Take the kid fishing and show her a picture of Goff and how cute he is…maybe she’ll forget Stafford.


Maybe tell her Goff has taken a team to the super bowl, something the Lions have never done!

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I love this kid. LOL. Awesomeness.


I went through that when the Tigers traded Harvey Kuenn for Rocky Colavito.

And I’m still not over it.

Maybe taking her to a Rams game will help.


My next jersey is gonna be a Barry Sanders
I want the authentic Reebok one with the tight arms.
Have found them in sizes way too big. I see it in the right size, I’ll buy it.

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I totally get it


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Scrambled letters poor eyesight thought you actually saw a Kris Durham jersey today as well


Awww sweetie…buy her an ice cream and a new jersey (try typing that with out it wanting to capitalize the N and J on your iPhone) - maybe a Swift jersey……she will learn and move on.

Cool kid IMO


Yup - love her. Reminded me of the little girl in Remember The Titans. Coach Yost’s daughter.

In 1999 I was 34 years old when Barry retired…I balled like a little girl that day.


I have a Calvin Johnson black jersey. For my next one I really want a throwback Alex karas Jersey. To honor him finally making it into the hall of fame.


last time * seen her was in that Italian Restraunt we went to after that Lions game Air, she was upset about something that night to…*
My first time to a game and to FF thanks to Air and his families hospitality…was a good time though…


She loves to fish. Here’s her catch from last weekend. Yea she caught it all on her own using artificial lures too.


When I was about the same age my dad made up a story that my hero Will Clark was traded from the Giants. I of course had a similar reaction.


Awwww that is a very cute and heartbreaking and funny story all in one! Hope she’s ok and gets over it. And I really hope Goff becomes her new favorite!

Explain to her that we want to win playoff games, so Matt had to go. :sunglasses:


Awesome pic Air! You should send that picture to Frank Ragnow and she just might be able to go fishing with him in northern Michigan! Check out Grizzly Man Outdoors on youtube, when he falls through the ice, hilarious.


LOL - that fish is as big as that human!

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What if Goff becomes ALL of our favorite?
What if he is perennial probowl, wins a couple SBs…and then shaves his head?