Trevor Lawrence

He tested positive for COVID and wont play this weekend. He was talking about going back to college last week.

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I don’t know all the rules for entering the NFL or NFL draft… But can a player not declare for the draft and just do a ‘tryout’ for teams and basically pick where to go? Or do you have to declare for the draft and go undrafted?

If this was piossible he wouldn’t get first pick money, but he could get more!

For the sake of this discussion, all college players need to go thru the draft process at least once. If they don’t get drafted, they are free to sign with whomever they want. If they DO get drafted and don’t like the team, they can choose to sit out the season and go into the following years draft. And if they do that, the team that chose them the first time is prohibited from drafting them again.

And to the other point, for the purpose of this discussion, an undrafted free agent has a cap on how much he can earn. Each team has a small amount of money they are allowed to spend on UDFA’s, its not limitless.


They must be 3 years out of HS to be NFL draft eligible. Any player not selected in the draft becomes a Free Agent.

“Not really focusing on next year, whether I leave or stay or whatever. Obviously, I have the option to do either one,” he continued. “My mind-set has been that I’m going to move on, but who knows? There’s a lot of things that could happen.”

No way he goes back to college!

Yeah I don’t see him going back.

Luck went back. Peyton Manning went back. No one expected that either. And I’m not certain about this but I think both times it was the Jets set to pick first overall, just like they are this year. I know at least one of them was.

Luck and Manning had fathers who were wealthy and played in the NFL, I don’t know if Trevor’s parents are wealthy like that

Did they also say their mind set was to move on to the NFL but then changed their mind? But hey if any team is going to prevent a guy from going pro it’s probably the Jets at this point :joy:

St. Louis picked 1st in ‘97 and Carolina picked 1st in ‘10.

Don’t be surprised if somehow Dallas ends up with the top pick. I could see a scenario where he makes an offer that the NYJ can’t refuse.

Nobody is trading the Lawrence pick unless he pulls an Elway or Eli Manning on them.

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Ah you’re right, my bad. Rams traded up for Pace. The Jets gave up the rights to draft Pace and Walter Jones in the same draft.

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I wouldn’t be so sure.

Jerry has a way of getting what he wants. What if he tags Dak and offers that as part of the trade? The NYJ work out a long term agreement with DAK and get a veteran QB to lead their team. Meanwhile Jerry also tosses in enough draft picks to make it worth it.

Sam Darnold gets traded for draft capital as well and suddenly it makes a lot of sense.

I’m just saying I could see it happening.

Zero chance. This guy is arguably the best ever QB prospect. A package centered around Dak isn’t getting them a sniff of that pick.

Actually, let me rephrase just in case I look dumb if it is traded. More like a .000001% chance.
Eh, you know what? It is a zero percent chance. Yep, zero.

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Right, and then a couple of years later lost Belichick. The what-could-have-been for the Jets is as bad as it gets. And since I have a couple of friends who are diehard Jets fans, I couldn’t be happier about it.

Just look at the tax differences in the money from New York to, say, Jacksonville.
Add that to possibly the worst run franchise in the NFL. I would pull an Elway too if I were Lawrence.

We all know Jacksonville is a top tier free agent destination.

Might as well be be called East Alabama

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