Try what you want, Dan Campbell, but Detroit Lions aren't good enough. That's on Brad Holmes


Yes but he is very handsome and has a very large epeen…we got this bruh!


I swear he read this board before writing that.

I think this is going to be my default answer for any criticism/discussion regarding Dan Campbell’s future here: “But they are setting up a make-or-break season in 2023.”

In my book, that goes for both of them.


Yeah. I think Seidel has a bad take. Brad spent the first offseason getting rid of bad contracts and players that didn’t wanna be here. The Stafford trade alone gave us $25M in dead cap space. Now, we have about $30M in dead cap space. So what was Brad supposed to do? The NFL has a hard salary cap.

I will admit: Brad’s failure to find a good kicker ultimately is hurting him. But what would you rather have? Would you rather have Jamie Collins mailing it in, which sucks really bad. Or would you rather have Alex Anzalone, who just isn’t good enough? But is an asset to the culture. Plus, Holmes didn’t pick this HC and staff like most GMs get to do.

Tough decisions were made. But with a healthy cap amount, I anticipate we will see marked improvement.

To me, Jeff peeked at the negativity on this board and wrote something that echoes that.


*laughs in 1-4 start to 2023 season

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I guess he could plagiarize me more, but, he’d have to work too hard.


Something I don’t understand about this. Is the contention that Holmes made the decision on Siebert over Patterson?


Re-signing Walker and touting that as successful “player acquisition” was bull-crap from the get-go. Remember the “player acquisition” phase that we were supposedly entering in THIS year? Yeah, never happened.

Having failed to secure sufficient FA talent during the “player acquisition phase”, is it wise to draft 3 players dealing with college injuries?

You may like what he did, and it may still work out to be pure genius, but at 1-4 and with players getting clobbered each week because the attacking front is running on only 1 cylinder, the team may be losing patience as bad as some of us fans.


Didn’t read article, but order of culpability for the Lions situation.

F - Rod Wood - if we have an owner who doesn’t understand football, it’s up to the president to effectively evaluate the GM. Failed by keeping Quinn in too long and letting him fire Caldwell and hire Patricia.
F - Sheila - since you don’t know football, you need to hire a person to effectively evaluate the GM position. Continued to follow daddy’s failures.
C - Brad Holmes - Had some hits in both UFA and the Draft, some failures as well . . . just like every other team’s GM.
D - Dan Campbell - You’ve been given an average football team that has performed below average. Even with the amount of injuries this year and last year, probably should have some more success.


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Not sure about the average football team part…but it has underperformed its ability, regardless.

3 years of 3, 6 then no playoffs 3rd year? If yr 3 is static at 6-7 wins, either Campbell or Holmes will go.

Back to 3 to 5 wins they both go.

8–9 wins Yr 3 probably buys them year 4.

Playoffs has them back.


What can Brad do in 1 offseason to fix

  1. The shit talent level on defense
  2. This rock headed HC
  3. This all talk no results DC.

Because its his ass on the line.

They wont have massive cap room. They have Beans, but really just a surplus 1st, as I dont expect Comp Picks this coming offseason…

Campbell, funny as it is, needs a mentor like Sean Payton, like Right The Eff Now. Will he listen? Who knows.

Glenn may just get fixed by having better players and development from the core.

Any way you slice it, this poopwurst season is a shit sandwich for everyone, and things change big or heads roll.


Really solid takes by you and Dead in this topic….

I think we’ve all realized the NFL is really a series of 3-4 year windows followed by mediocrity or full tear down. Guys like BB can squeeze 7-9 wins regardless
of roster. Guys like Doug Pederson cannot.

I think we have 35 on contracts for 23’- minus Big V, Chark (forward dead cap), Romeo, Brockers, and Bell- so 30… cap savings would be around 26M after the dead cap…. Putting us at $178MM vs a cap of $225MM…. 47M

Call our draft class $12.5M (includes a kicker) 8 guys
Call Fox re-sign and LS 3.5M hit in 23’- 2 guys

That is 40 of the 53….leaving 31MM

I’d resign J Will, Elliott and E Brown to 2.5M apy comtracts…. 3

That’s 24MM left and 10 more-

UFA- pay up for D Payne, V Bell, J Bradberry

Payne- 5 years 81M
Bell- 3 years 22M
Bradberry- 3 years 30M

  • 6M, 5M, 7M yr 1 hits….18MM

-6M left

46 Players - we have 7 more to sign…most would be at league minimums five or take- and maybe a restructure to create some in season money…


  1. M Murphy
  2. D Sanders
  3. Joey Porter Jr
  4. Jack Campbell
  5. OG
  6. RB
  7. QB
  8. K

Hutch/C Harris

M Rod/Board
Jack Campbell

Bradberry/Joey Porter Jr
V Bell

That’s a big, fast, impact D- Murphy and Sanders become our 2nd and 3rd best pass rushers day one. Stout at DT …. Campbell is a stud pass defender.

Vonn is a thumper! Joseph may be a solid centerfielder, no rush getting Walker back.

Bradberry is a ballhawk and we can be patient with Porter jr.

  • so we get a top 3 kicker coming out… a backup QB and a RB to enter the mix…

I’m good with Jamo, Saint, Reynolds, Raymond, Kennedy and Cephus.

The following year we take a LT, WR, and S early

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I actually think we’re an average team when healthy but our depth is such in certain key spots that a mere injury or two could cause certain position groups to implode implode. As others have pointed out we probably went a little skimpy on veterans that could help lead all the 22/23 year olds. The usable roster for weeks 4&5 was probably the worst in the NFL.

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If you cut Vaitai, Romeo and Brockers, Re-sign Fox (RFA), Daly and all the other ERFA (almost always do), sign 15 or so from end of year PS, we’d be about $30M under the cap. If you want to adjust for this years rookies, well need about $10M cap space for them. We’ll need another $10M for in-season, injuries and PS. So you’ll have about $10M or so to sign our own, outside UFA’s and before making any restructures or other cuts.

I think Swaggy will get $3.5, Brown will get more than $2.5 and I think Elliott will want out, but that’s all my opinion.

It’s cyclical.

They mentioned this exact topic on 97.1 & Woodward Sports earlier this week.

Fans begin to parrot it.

Media picks up on it and plays off of it.

The cycle goes on.

Very little actual critical thought though usually. Just reactionary parroting to easily observable low hanging fruit. :man_shrugging:

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ill be honest way Bell is playing right now

hes prolly gonna be around 10mill per year type contract

has 3 ints in 6 games which at that pace is looking like 8.5 ints a season (Question is if he hits the average).

Funnily enough hes actually doubled his amount of INT’s in his career from these 6 games alone

and ignoring stats, hes looked great. though having jessie bates as his other duo is helping him alot, but he was also good in the saints system (Which AG was the secondary coach for).

there is also CGJ who is also UFA after this season aswell, also played with AG as his secondary coach in NO

So, i would want either, question is how much they want, and if they want to come here

Holmes has to be able to massage the cap to come out a net 2 impact starters on defense in FA.

Anything less is unaccaeptable and grounds for letting him go. This will be his Third FA Period and he has added Jack and Shit in 2 years.

Chark, JWill, Anzalone, Board, Elliott, Hughes, Hughes, Tyrell Williams and Breshad Perriman? Not even close to enough…we know theybwere in cap jail but after 2 years no one is in cap jail anymore, ever.

If we don’t have 2 strong starters to add to that group, FA has been a total failure under Holmes.

Trades and Draft are good. Happy there, even with Brockers being trash and Levi busting.

Figure it out, make it happen. You get the damn cap# everyone else does and we have Zero Superstars. I will not accept we don’t have enough money. We Do. Figure It Out.


Also, this means you cant throw a truckload of money at Hock, FFS


Carolina’s QBs automatically make them the worst team in the league - PJ Walker & Jacob Eason. They actually looked worse than Blough and Boyle. This looks like a team that doesn’t want to win another game all season.

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