Tua in concussion protocol?

Not gonna lie , I thought I saw the third qtr play where his head bounced , like I see heads bounce in football

Not a great look especially if the 3 interceptions were from
Confusion in concussion.


What do the spotters look for ? A fan posted on Twitter the play o think it happened on

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That’s 3 already this year…hate to say it, but he’s going to retire soon


For his well being, I certainly hope so!


one you get one, it’s muuuuch easier to get another one. sucks


I don’t recall exactly, but wasn’t Jahvid Best forced to retire?


A day after screwing over the Lions, the Dolphins have placed Tua into concussion protocol. Years ago my brother and I noticed that sometimes a team will use an injury as an excuse to bench a QB. You can bring in the next guy and not have to answer as many questions. There might be some of that at play here.


Might need a merge @Nate

Well- this would be the first time in history the #1 QB rating QB in the league got “benched!”

He had a shitty game. Maybe it’s the bottom 5 D, or OL, or run game?

The only reason Miami has 5 wins is cuz of Tua, Hill and Waddle.

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Not sure. That team droppe d dramatically when Best went down. They may have made a solid playoff run if he could have stayed healthy.


I didn’t think he was exactly forced but they didn’t clear him. Then I think they let contract expire or he retired.

But it also seemed like he was on board with trying to recover then retiring.

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That guy needs to retire before its too late.


I don’t know I thought the coaches and WRs were digging tua.
that’s a pretty dark theory for todays highly followed nfl and sensitive concussion issue.

This could cost jobs
If we knew who’s job it was as spotter

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I think Steve Young retired after his seventh concussion? …something like that?
Tua has that many this season (exaggerating), Also → not all concussions are created equally, and the ones Tua has gone through are bad ones.


They know Second Impact Syndrome is a real thing, yet Tua’s Head Coach put him back in the game when they made the news a few weeks back. I don’t know what they’re up to down there, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was lingering from that.


If Tua plays well and they win that game, he would not be in concussion protocol right now.

Back in those days they didn’t really track them, and many players have said that they had dozens in practices that were never reported. Times were different and the attitude was different as well. At the end of the day Steve was a 38 year old man that played in an era where you could LIGHT UP QBs. Before Tom Brady started playing in his 40s, I remember Rich Gannon said that many of his QB buddies could still sling the rock at an NFL level in their 40s and even 50s. They just couldn’t take the hits anymore. He speculated that with the increase in protection for QBs you would start to see more QBs playing into their late 30s and 40s. He was right.

If Tua plays well and they win that game, he would not be in concussion protocol right now.


If tua could learn to read and progress thru his receivers or at least look and check down and do it quick enough to cut down on the hits he would be a top 5 qb in the league. Instead i think he is done.

The thing to remember is that these are just the major ones, and only the major ones that have been caught or acknowledged. These guys could have had a dozen more on top of them. I love the grit and heart Tua plays with, but the kid needs to medically retire. He has too much life left to live, and living it with mental health issues caused by concussions is not worth it.


His ball flight is also “less than ideal.” It always seemed like it was going to be an issue for him in the NFL. He can’t really layer balls like you would want from a franchise QB. Which means he has less opportunity to throw guys open.

Ill be honest, NFL orgs/teams really can be slimy with some injury designations and shit, especially in the past, Aikman i think at one point said he doesnt even remember playing in a superbowl from a concussion.

Dolphins best chances are with Tua, its very clear in the second half of that game against the Packers that he was playing like garbage and was not reading the field, compared to the first half. He def got a concussion, and i wouldnt be surprised if he didnt tell coaching, or they noticed but threw him out there just to get the W