Ugly Ugly Games

The other teams hand us games in which we should lose. 2-0-1 Yet, we still haven’t played well except for the first 3 quarters in AZ. KC is going to murder us at home.

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Why do you watch this team? Why comment here? I’m asking for a serious response. What of value are you contributing with commentary like this?


They don’t ask how, they ask how many.

The Lions will get murdered against KC… as does 85% of the league. Enjoy the win.


How are my comments inaccurate? Did we play well? NO!! The Chargers and Eagles played poorly and we still won by narrow margins.

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The difference between an above .500 team and a below .500 team is the above .500 teams find ways to win the close ugly games. The average NFL game is decided be less than 7 points.

Be excited that we’re finding ways to win these ugly games. Which means we’re making fewer mistakes. And not finding ways to lose.


By the way, if not for a dumb timeout, the Lions are 3-0. Your logic doesn’t hold. Maybe KC beats us. But it’s going to say more about them than us.



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Personally I thought we played well against SD and Philly for 4 quarters and against ARZ for 3. Yes we have areas that need work but the team is progressing and just beat two playoff teams from last year.

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Ho-lee-chit. I’ve never heard this one before but its one of the dopest lines I’ve heard. Consider it stolen, and great post.


Yeah, that’s the truth
So many NFL games look ugly
Let’s hope Patricia dials up some defensive magic against the Chiefs
Right now it looks like they’re going to get pummeled
Bevel doing a nice job
Offense will have to have its best game
All phases need to be sharper


As I said in the GDT, better to win ugly than to lose pretty.

With that said, the Lions need to be a lot better going forward as they start getting into the division games. Lots of work for the coaching staff to do.

Detroit has done pretty well the last 5 meetings.

The lions barely won against a team that played horribly, even considering most of their star players didn’t play.

And the Lions got a free TD off a kick return. Eagles fumbled the ball and Lions got a free field goal. Eagles dropped 7 passes, all first downs and 3 TDs dropped.

Those 7 passes would have been 100+ more yards.

But remember good teams win. It helps if the other team sh!ts the bed.

We’re finding ways to not lose ugly games.

AZ - had huge lead, choked to tie
Philly - had opportunities to go up big, squandered. Barely held on thanks to drop.

We’re not finding ways. We’re lucking into ways.

KC has an ugly win over Bal and Bal had over 200 yrds rushing. KC sucks because they win ugly games …lol

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Would you rather have them lose ugly games?
Sure, the Lions could certainly be 0-3, but they aren’t.

And I don’t have a lot of confidence in them, but they are the only team we have.

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Maybe they will find a way to make KC play crappy and hand them a win too.
Then you can bitch about that.
But for one more week the Lions are undefeated.

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I totally see where you are coming from. I agree, a win is a win. Just a little frustrating when you know your team can do better and you can’t help to think in your head that one of these times it is going to catch up with them. But yeah, I will take the win. Keep 'em coming.

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I don’t think anyone believes the Lions played great. Some times you can play poorly and still win the game. They capitalized on the other team’s mistakes, the defense played well enough when they needed to, and their special teams made a big play at the beginning of the game to set the tone. Sometimes fortune bounces your way.
Would you have been happier if the Eagles would have won?

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