USA TODAY's new 3-round mock draft...some of you are going to freak out

Are you ready for the Lions passing on Kaylon Thibodeaux at 2OA to do this?

2. Detroit Lions | Pitt QB Kenny Pickett

Start getting comfortable with the idea of Pickett going higher than you might expect. He’s got many of the same traits that sent Joe Burrow flying up the board not too long ago, and a strong predraft process could easily convince a QB-needy team like the Lions that he can have the same kind of impact Burrow is having right now in Cincinnati.

I can only imagine the wailing if this happened.

The rest of their draft I’d be all for:

30. Detroit Lions (from LAR) | Purdue WR David Bell

34. Detroit Lions | Michigan S Daxton Hill

66. Detroit Lions | Alabama CB Josh Jobe


I just saw this too!! :flushed::flushed::flushed:

Our defense would suck again for sure.

Maybe I willeat my words, but knowing how much Holmes loves Goff and hearing the way Campbell speaks of him, I would be floored if we go QB. There is no top end talent at QB and the only way someone goes top five is our of desperation. The Lions are not desperate for a QB, despite what a lot of people in the media may think.


I like Pickett, but not at 2. Again I don’t think there’s bonafide Franchise QB in this draft. Thibs or Hutch should be the answer unless both completely butcher the offseason process of course.


Pickett will be the best qb in the class but not worth the 2nd pick


I have a bottomless appetite for mock drafts, always looking for them to confirm my wisdom in the early rounds and giving me players to mull in later rounds.

Having said that, I know it’s entertainment and the mockers have to churn through the various players to either thrill or disgust me. I’m not gonna click if they say nothing’s changed.

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Do NOT take a QB at 2OA


Maybe we let him sit for three years?!


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Maybe that means we will get some trade offers from the Panthers/Giants/Admirals?

You draft a qb that early you better hope he’s the future you fuck it up and it’s another rebuild

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We can survive with Goff and a better backup than Boyle next year. Sign someone like Foles, Marriota, Huntley, Bridgewater, Daniel Jones (if the Giants give up on him) or Heinicke and focus the draft elsewhere.



This forum would collapse.


I don’t think Holmes, Campbell, or Spielman are that dumb and I don’t think Shiela is that desperate to draft a QB this year. Of course if we go 2-14-1 next season I believe Shiela will pressure the front office to draft a QB.



It’s just clickbait to get people talking. We’ll probably be mocked all of the top QBs at some point.


I’d be okay with it if he was Joe Burrow. Is he though? Ehh…

I would be so relieved we didn’t take Tibi-doh. I like Kenny. Would be fine with it.

I’m all in favor of not even taking a QB at all in this draft, and they have the Lions taking one at #2. Yikes.


Like it or not I do suspect a QB or two to shoot up draft boards after combine. Always happens!

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