Valenti: Losers blame the refs

A lot of truth here… he is right about the Lions simply not playing good enough football. The Lions are playing good enough to stay in games, good enough to think you’re good when you’re not. 58 yards of offense in the 2nd half. Is that good enough? 8 FGs in the last 2 games, not good enough to win games. The Lions were gifted that game and still couldn’t get it done.

Don’t listen if you can’t handle reality…

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“Don’t listen if you can’t handle people trolling.”

Got it.


Reality hurts

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Losers deny that the refs played a big part in the outcome.

We all know that the Lions missed on some opportunities and that they were outplayed in the second half but the fact of the matter is that those two obvious phantom calls on Flowers completely changed the complexion of the game AFTER the Lions did their job and made 2 stops, that’s on the refs not the Lions. The Lions did enough to win prior to the missed calls.

I’ll say this though, the Lions lack of killer instinct is disturbing. They’ve been outplayed in every 4th quarter this season and some of the games significantly outplayed. They will be playing for draft position soon if this continues.


So does Love per Nazareth


Can’t run the ball, can’t stop the run, highly penalized, pathetic red zone offense.

All facts. This team isn’t good enough.


It’s so easy for someone to be the dissenting opinion in these situations.
Of course, the Lions made mistakes and left points on the field. The offense slowed to a crawl on the 2nd half. It happens.
The facts are the Lions stopped the Packers twice on key 3rd downs in the 4th quarter and got jobbed by the official.
There’s been a national uproar similar to the non interference call against the Saints last year. Barry Sanders is speaking out, for God’s sake.
If that 1st flag isn’t thrown the Packers are punting with 9 minutes and change left and we’re up by 9. We’re going to win the game.
To not place blame on the refs is just someone trying to get attention.

The D made the plays when they needed to and it was taken away. Pretty simple to me,


Yet they were still good enough to win this game before the two missed calls. Are you denying this or going to continue on the “Lions suck” crusade and the refs had nothing to do with the outcome?


The weird thing is that GB DID NOT do enough to win… It was a few bad calls that gave them the opportunity.


I didn’t say the refs had nothing to do with the outcome… but this is a league wide problem.It is just another convenient excuse that fans are using to gloss over real issues with this team, though. It’s easier to blame outside factors than to see that this might just be a very flawed team.

GB had their top 3 receivers out for a good part of the game and they still overcame. They still shredded the Lions while the Lions couldn’t move the ball.

You aren’t going to win games producing 58 yards of offense in the 2nd half.

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There is a fair criticism to be made of the team. Our trenches are costing us games. If we move the QB pressure needle up on Rodgers and down on Stafford, it’s a game the officials can’t take away.

What’s not fair is to fault anyone for seeing the injustice here. Despite our team’s limitations, they still win this game with fair officiating.

Valenti trolls the fan base for ratings. If you buy into this schtick or try to repeat it as though those upset are losers, and you’re not being paid as an entertainer, then you’re just a troll.


Every single word he said was truth. You are most likely an older gentleman, so I can understand why you don’t like Valenti. Older people usually dislike him a lot and that’s ok. He is arrogant and very blunt. Doesn’t make him a troll nor does anyone supporting him/ posting this.

Fans can be upset. The officiating league wide is a disgrace. But, fans were even getting their excuses ready BEFORE the game even started. Blaming officials constantly is a loser mentality and you see it throughout every level of sport. That mentality is why most don’t ever achieve anything in competition.

It is a lot easier to move the ball when you WRs arms are not pinned as the ball comes in. Funny how the Packers got that call the next series.

That said, even with that no call PI we need to be able to get more than 58 yards in the 2nd half

Were they? What if the fumble was the first down it was supposed to be? Drive still going.
What if the PI had been called? 30+ yard play (more points?)
What if all of the drives the officials kept alive were the stops they should have been? (extra offensive possessions).

Truth is, we don’t know if we were outplayed or not, because off official interference.

Is throwing a 30+ yard pass considered killer instinct more or less because of a Hulk Hogan clothes line that doesn’t get called?

This one is on the officials.


That’s fair and I agree the Lions issues aren’t being talked about nearly enough because they’re being glossed over by the refs.

I mentioned it in my previous post that the Lions have been getting outplayed in every second half this season. It’s something that’s a very dangerous trend for this team, 5 games in a row now.

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What happens when the winners say the Lions got jobbed. There’s a ton of a Packers fans saying this.

Could we have played better ball?..sure… but every game and every team makes mistakes. The goal is to make the fewest mistakes. That includes the refs. The poor officiating is ruining the game and the league could easily fix it. Ask yourself why don’t they?

I think the Lions had a few calls go their way. But the Packers had a lot of calls go their way and even more no calls. Their can’t be two sets of rules where one team has an advantage because people will eventually stop watching.

The bottom line is the Lions never have to beat just the Packers. They have to beat the refs and the Packers.

While the Packers just have to play well enough to keep it close and the refs will bail them out if they can’t accomplish it on their own.

Green Bay trounced them in the second half. The offense did nothing and Rodgers had them moving up and down the field. Of course the refs played a big factor and I mentioned it before that the two Flowers calls changed the complexion but looking at the broad picture, they got outplayed in the second half AGAIN just like they did against Arizona, LAC, Philly and Kansas City. Every game. They hung on by their fingernails in 2 of them (with a lot of good fortune along the way), tied the other (really blew that one) and lost two (caught some bad fortune against KC and caught some breaks against GB before they were done in by the refs). It can’t continue like this if they want to make the playoffs. Refs or not, it’s a bad trend that they are setting.

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I agree with this and I believe it falls back on the lack of a run game. The Lions keep getting themselves into 3rd and Long’s because the Running game is failing. This has a steam role effect where our Defense is on the field too much and seems to wear down.

I must say I think we’re losing in the trenches on both sides of the ball.

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Yep, I concur. It’s really not too different than past years with the exception of the secondary playing phenomenal.
Honestly, without the Coleman and Melvin additions along with Walker’s emergence, this team could easily be 1-4. Lots to clean up and I’m sure Patricia knows this.

Both can be true though. We should have played better And the refs significantly changed the course of the game. Don’t fall for Valenti’s bait.

We had chances this game. We actually DID make the plays to stop them. They were just reversed by the refs. So two different issues going on. If you are the coach, what Patricia says is spot on. You can’t control the refs, you can only focus on what you can control. . You leave the refs to Quinn and Mrs. Ford. And to the fans, who can rightfully bitch.