Wade Phillips is now available. Kick the tires?

I mean he is 72, and we know how much Patricia likes old men DCs.


I honestly wouldn’t have a problem with this. yea he’s old but he’s sharp.


I’d be for it however I do not see MP bringing someone in that doesn’t run his defense.

I’d say maybe as an assistant HC who can help out on defense. Then add in a young guy who is familiar with what MP wants to do.

He is one of the best defensive minds in the modern era of football. Sure, he’s 72, but man… fly this guy out for an interview immediately. Its not everyday that someone like this is available to add to your football team. Plus he has tons of experience and a huge list of position coaches. He could fill out our staff immediately. I don’t see Patricia giving up control… but if he were, it would have to be a genius like Phillips. Maybe we bring him in and then Patricia focuses on “big picture stuff” cue Michael Scott gifs.


Nothing would make me happier than to have SonOfBum on the sidelines as a DC. He’s every bit as versed on scheme and philosophy as Belichick. Would be an excellent hire for Patricia.

now we just need tom moore back :smile:

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You’d have to pry him (Moore) from Arian’s cold, dead hands. He’s not letting that cat go nowhere. It’s funny to think of some old guy like that as an asset to anyone in the modern NFL, but that’s exactly what he is. Crazy. Like, you know he still has suits in his closet from the 70’s, chews Wrigley’s spearmint gum and cuts the catalytic converter out of every car he owns, but he’s still got this NFL thing figured out.

Can’t hurt.

Let’s go even older. Dick Lebeau. Great (HOF) former Lion. Always wanted to get him here coaching somehow. Three Super Bowls, winning two, with the Steelers as D-coordinator in the 2000-teens.

He’s been out of football for one year; maybe he’s got the itch?

Oh, and he’s 82 now.

Now that is the kind of guy who would take on a shorter term challenge. Me likey.

Wade pretty much only runs Cover 2 and 3.

I don’t think he “fits”

Actually, Wade Phillips historically runs a lot of man coverage. This is why he puts such a premium on corner play. The issue with him fitting is that he runs mostly one gap schemes up front. Our slow linebackers / Ends would not fit at all.

Wade primarily runs a 3-4, which traditionally is a 2-gap scheme. He changed his D to a one-gap with the Rams so he could use Donald’s strengths as a penetrator. Imagine a D coordinator that changes his scheme to fit the strengths of his players?



He has always run a 1 gap scheme with mostly cover 0 / pattern match cover 4. Just because you run a 3-4 doesn’t mean you automatically 2 gap. Just ask dick lebeau.

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Bring Austin back.

Good defense never gets old!

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I’d be all for it. Give Patricia a former head coach and DC he could bounce things off of in real time. I’d offer Phillips an assistant HC title along with running the defense. Patricia needs help with running the team and Phillips would be a good guy to have around him.