Washington Commanders Denied Trademark


Us Patent office denied their request.
Meaning you can make your own Washington Commanders merch and sell it with out legal action.

Meaning theres likely ANOTHER name change coming

Just as well. No idea why they didn’t choose Wolves as their name. Commanders is the worst nickname in the league.


Call them the Washington Sentinels!!! Keanu could come on board as qb, they are still looking for a good one right?


Red Wolves are freaking native to the mid northeast. What an awesome animal to have as your logo.


Keanu Reeves Yes GIF by Max

Sorry but i need this more than another animal

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All names are awful until there’s some history attached to them. Could you imagine a new team calling themselves the Packers? They’d get ratioed so hard they immediately changed it. Knickerbockers, A’s, Red Sox, Lakers, Sooners, Crimson Tide, Browns… if you had no context for them and your favorite team introduced them as your name, you’d be run out of the building.


That is why in all honesty i think the sentinels could be embraced haha

There’s a guy in DC that filled for the trademark for wolf and space Comanders in order to get some money.

Just like the guy that trademarked play Station 3 when the PS2 came out dude got PAID

True enough. But those teams were before pro sports was big business. Wolves, cmon. Easy.

Look at me! I’m a Commander. Watch me commander down the field. A ■■■■■■■ wolf. A wolf. Jesus.

As a branding expert, jeebus, let this gig fall in my lap and let me make hundreds of g’s for a half hour gig.


Washington Snyders

Like the Browns, just a little different

How about “The Washington Gridlock”

Washington Continentals, to both honor the general and the army he led.

Washington Hogs makes the most sense.

Regain the love of your fan base.

The Red Tails was also an awesome nod to Tuskegee WWII pilots.


For sure it’s a better name, but my hunch is Commanders will catch on after a few winning seasons. Commanding down the field is pretty lame, but it’s better than packing a box lol. Or being early, which is I guess what a Sooner does?

I also personally prefer it when the nickname really fits the city. Ravens is great cause Edgar Allen Poe is from Baltimore. Houston Astros is great cause of NASA, St. Louis Blues is great cause of all the musicians from there (New Orleans Jazz used to be great for the same reasons), Pistons is great cause of Detroit’s auto history. Etc…

And when I think of DC, there’s only one thing I think of: politics. It’s tricky cause most political terms lack neutrality - you wouldn’t want to name the team the Lobbyists, for instance, or the Filibusterers - but there’s a few that would work. My personal fave is just “The Feds.”

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Done and done.

Naw, forget the politics angle. Think of the football fanbase. They don’t take pride in the fact that politics is what their city is known for so much. This is their football team. Give them a cool name.


A huge part of the value of the Redskins brand is their team colors. That cannot be changed. Wolves works great. I would make the wolf red and keep the colors red and yellow.

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I think in this case they had some better options and didn’t go in that direction. The Washington Warthogs was my personal favorite. :upside_down_face:

I agree with what you are saying. Growing up with the Utah Jazz makes the name seem normal. You couldn’t come up with that team name from scratch without people looking at you sideways in 2023. The New Orleans Pelicans is still the dumbest name I have heard a team come out with in the last few decades. And the Cleveland baseball team should have really changed their name to the Cleveland Steamers.

That name is A10!