Washington releases Haskins day after benching

Dude went from captain to out-of-a-job in less than a week.

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Whoa. That’s a surprising one.

This needed to happen. Coach Rivera made the right call. Hopefully Haskins gets this wake up call and can make more mature decisions & rehabilitate himself & his career. He needs to get his priorities straight & grow up. He can still have a career in the NFL if he wants it bad enough.

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Rivera doesn’t play around. This is the kind of leadership the Lions desperately need.


If he can get his head screwed on right, he might be worth trying to develop. Hopefully he uses this as fuel to prove himself

Jags claim him and then hire Meyer as HC.


That’s not a bad idea and trade the #1 overall pick. I’d rather have Lawrence though.

Fuck it bring him in let him face the viqueens

Example of the difficulties in drafting/finding quality QBs. If you have one, hang on tight.

Without a defense, nothing else matters.


The JaMarcus Russell story, replacing purple drank with not-socially-distanced strippers.

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What? All you need is the next Mahommes/Herbert… which for us would be Darnold/Haskins and we’d trade Stafford to do it… Because why put resources into our last in the NFL level defense.


Bringing him up to Michigan would be the ultimate insult to his ego. It could work :grin:.

Some posters want Fields with a 1st rounder, hopefully the Haskins experience is a lesson here.

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I would take Wilson over Fields, but I think your point is about their college connection. I remember people on here and the 247 forum saying no to Justin Herbert because of Joey Harrington and Mariota.


Honestly I think Fields draft status is going to depend on how he does in the playoffs.

I agree with that. He was horrible in the big 10 championship game.

Yep, he played in 6 games and stunk in 2 of them.

Yeap they are alot a like.

If only they had drafted Tua or Herbert!

Then we could have had the Predator

guessing his play on the field made this decision a little easier

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