We need a Rb

Kerryon is not the answer we need a better RB at the postion. Someone that can hold up the entire yr . I think you go Dobbins or Taylor, Swift in 2nd if available.

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I would love any of those 3 in the second or even if we picked up a late 1 in a trade down. I also would want them in the order you listed


Not huge Taylor, Swift fan. I’m more into Carry, Underwood.

Seriously, though. Where is Johnathan Taylor projected again? I know people have concerns about his mileage, but I don’t really want a RB for much longer than their rookie contract anyway. Get him, use the heck out of him for 4 years and draft another one. Rinse, repeat.


I would rather get one in the 4th.

I say wait till the 3rd should be a few guys that offer higher value than spending a 2nd.We have more pressing needs I for one think KJ and Bo make a decent 1-2 punch just need to add a guy with 3rd down ability who can catch and has some speed.I still think Ty Johnson is serviceable but his speed doesn’t show up on tape he does run stronger than I expected.

Too many other needs with a higher priority than RB. Such as CB, DT, DE, RG. I wouldn’t mind an RB in the 4th or later, but they use an RBBC approach so your rookie is going to share carries with the other RBs. That doesn’t scream 2nd or 3rd round to me.


Jonathan Taylor ran for 6,174 yards BT. The most yards in college football history through three season’s . He beat Herschel Walker’s record by MORE than 500 yards @ 6.7 YPC.
topping 2,000 yards in each of his three seasons ( Wisconsin ) and he totaled 50 rushing TD’s.

And you question his ability !? HERE in Detroit he won’t rush for that, but Christ give me 2,000 yards of that !


Dude is sneaky and serviceable, but not at all dependable.
I also understand that Bo has had injuries in the past. Like him, and view him as more dependable (though not as versatile as KJ)

Completely agree! Health aside, we need someone who can make defenses pay, if they don’t pay more attention. right now, a worst case scenario is giving up a 10-20 yard run, with maybe once or twice a season 20 plus. Low likelihood of having to pay big. I would love to have a home run hitter that would make the D have to pay attention. Helps the OL in pass blocking, makes us less predictable, opens it up more for the WR & TEs, takes heat off Matt, etc. I feel like the O can still be effective without doing this, and that we have bigger holes to fill…but…this move would still have a bigger impact on the team, as we would be much more lethal in boosting that position, than filling the gaping hole we have at OG.

I feel similarly about drafting Jeudy, btw. If we could double trade down, I’d want Jeudy to be one of the first round picks, if at all possible. Him the new RB Jones & Golliday, Hoch (who I suspect is grossly underrated here), especially if we somehow ended up landing a decent starting OG. Not hard to envisioning that O being ranked somewhere between first and fifth.

Microwaved, I see RB and DT as the biggest positions of impact, if we can get a really good one, just because of what impact it has on the rest of the team.

Taylor is my favorite back in the class just not sure about spending a high 2nd on a RB.There are going too be some real good players on DL or OL that could help this team more.

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WTF?? Who questioned his ability. Read what I posted man and come back at me. Holy hell. I said some people are concerned about his mileage. NOT me. I want him and I want to use the heck out of him. Wow

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I read your statement. you said you did not want a RB much past his rookie contract THEN say I want to use the hell out of Taylor for 4 years.
only after you said “I’m not a big fan of Taylor .” “where is he projected anyway?” AND “people have concerns about his mileage , BUT NOT ME.” that is what you said.

And that is why I listed both stats and production of Jonathan Taylor. You contradicted yourself twice in your initial post.
A." I’m not really a huge Taylor , Swift fan." “but I want to run the heck out of him for 4 years.”

B. “I don’t really want a RB for much longer than their rookie contract.” “get him, use the heck out of him for 4 years and draft another one.” what nobody is supposed to question you?

Uh, yeah. Rookie deals are usually around 4 years. Run the heck out of him and then draft another.

Lol. It was a Taylor Swift joke, that went way over you head. Not my issue.

That’s all I need to type. No worries, cub. Simple mistake.

Darrynton Evans

Taylor Swift jokes don’t go over my head you geek, hell it was used 2-3 other times before you used it , to the point it’s not even funny anymore.

Just take the L, bro.

If there is no trade down, then I recommend the Lions wait until the top of the 3rd to grab a RB…Who knows? Slight chance Dobbins may slide to the 3rd Rd, of the top 3 RB’s in this class. With a trade down, I would advocate for the top remaining DT Blacklock/Gallimore at #35, then a RB at either #37 or #39, likelihood. If this occurs, then I would advocate for the top remaining WR at #67, and then a G/DE with the Eagles Pick in the 3rd Rd…Makes the most sense to me, BWDIK.

TD w Miami or LAC. Use second on Swift or Taylor.


could say the same to you.

100% agree on the order for who I like at RB, for the Lions I think Dobbins and Swift …before Taylor for our need.

Hahahahahha …Happens all the time :joy:

It’s read one way (wrongly) to no fault of your own … hence you made the error obviously! You typed it , It’s been read wrong , your mistake …No accountability. It’s twisted shit. Don’t own it…move the goal post…

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