We will beat the Chargers

We’re all pretty mad about the outcome of the game and rightfully so…

We can play the blame game all day but what’s done is done…

The Chargers are very beatable as the Colts almost got them yesterday. I can see the Lions winning this game by 10 or more…

A fired up and pissed off team is a good recipe for the home opener…

Bevel and Patricia both hopefully learned from that blunder and will trust Matthew more as they should!

Don’t jump off the cliff just yet! They’re was plenty of positives about this game specifically on offense!

Yes I’m having some blue kool-aid along with my coffee on this shitty Monday morning!


We just tied the worst team in the league from last year who started a midget first time QB, the worst O-Line in football and a really banged up secondary. Predicting ANY wins at this point is just blind faith. I’m not saying it’s impossible to beat the bolts, but I think it’s going to be a long season. The coaching staff once again exposed themselves as being incompetent and in over their heads. You could have put 0-16 Rod Marinelli as the coach in the 4th quarter and he probably wouldn’t have fucked it up as bad. Just criminal.


if we get beat by the chargers this season is hosed. the minny and chi defenses will get stafford killed with our oline playing so poorly, and even GB looks better defensively.

I don’t think GB is good on defense, I think the Bears were just bad. Just my opinion.


Hooo boy, that’s some optimism right there.

Someone is over dosing on kool aid. Arizona is one of the worst teams in the league who were starting scrubs in their secondary and had a rookie QB. Nothing positive to take away from this game when it comes to playing against much better competition.

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I am betting all the monies on Chargers to win.

I also think we beat the Chargers. Stadium will be loud. Team will be pissed. We’ll get after Rivers.


Considering that we didn’t win in Arizona, it looks like the Lions need to win at least 1 of the next 3 games, AND win in Green Bay. Which is doable, but not if they don’t up their games, both coaches and players. Far as I know, the Lions didn’t lose anyone to an injury in Game 1, but who knows when they get Davis or Hand back? Might be a few more games yet.

BUT - the OL has to play better, particularly Decker. Some of that is on him/them, and some of it should be the play-calling and execution. The Lions have to run it better between the tackles and get the ball out of Stafford’s hands sooner, and some of it is also rolling him out more often to buy time.

Look - when you’re beating the other team doing what you’re doing, then for Christ’s sakes don’t stop doing what you’re doing. And let Stafford call the TOs, the man knows what he’s doing.


If the Lions can beat the Charger or Chiefs, I will be okay with the tie since I have considered both those games losses before the season.

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Ingram and Bosa, please meet Taylor Decker. Enjoy racking up sacks all game long.

I’m not going to “call it” but the Chargers are very beatable at our home opener, with a pissed off team determined to not repeat AZ — ever again
That was such a FUBAR 4th quarter
It will not happen again
I don’t fear many teams with what we can all see this team is capable of
Although the Vikings looked DAMN good yesterday …

Or this team will spiral because they have anger in their heart and anger lead to hate and hate lead to suffering.


Will not happen again? It’s been happening for the past 30 years since I’ve been a fan. :poop::poop::poop:

I think we’ll see Decker getting help moving forward
They’re not going to let that happen again
Too bad though
He has become a limiting factor for the potenial of this offense

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Despite what it looked like yesterday I’m not going SOL (yet)
I believe!!!

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Let’s not discount the travel factor of a west coast team coming east and having kick off being at 10am their time. Also their offensive line is banged up and Gordon is holding out.

Saying that, the Chargers are a tough team and the lions will need to play better than yesterday to win

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Yeah, they looked bad in the Baltimore playoff game last season.

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God I hope this is right.

I can always get behind Yoda! LOL. I think we beat SD though. Home field means a lot in the NFL. If our coaches didn’t learn from this, they’ll be replaced sooner than later.

I think they will learn from it.

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