Week 5 - How do we beat/compete with the Vikings?

I see almost no posts talking about the Vikes game tomorrow. I’m sure it’s because we all have been through hell and back cheering for this pathetic team.

My question is simple… if you were coaching and calling the plays. What’s your strategy to compete with the Vikings, be specific.

I expect us to lose, but at least what do you think a good game plan would be?

Just like Georgia…RUN.
But away!

It’s good you phrased it that way, because that’s what it’s going to be… telling each group what they need to do to compete, what they need to clean up, what they need to get better at. Not about strategy and winning, rather about doing the things well that they need to compete. Winning or losing isn’t the focus.

Backup LT, C and RT spells disaster for the OL, so that’s gotta be the single-greatest focus, picking up the blitzes and stunts.

Same focus on the defense. The game will be won/lost in the trenches, especially against a Zimmer team. He will punish us all game with the run on offense and the pass-rush on defense.


Our strength is the running game so far this season, but no Sewell, Decker and Ragnow is gonna make running the ball extremely difficult.

I think the spread offense is our only chance, quick passes, don’t make the backup o-line block long. And hope for some YAC from Swift, Williams, Hock, Cephus, etc.

On defense, we have no shot unless we slow down Dalvin Cook. I would stack the box and sellout with run blitzes and send the house after Cousins on 3rd down. Without pressure, Cousins will have a field day as per usual.

To actually win, we would need a special team TD and some extremely lucky bounces.

Hopefully we can make this a game worth not turning off at halftime.

My prediction is Vikes 34- Lions 17, I sure hope I’m wrong.

Let’s hear some more predictions and ideas to compete.


Yes sir! Along with the fact that the Vikings are getting after the QB with the best of them this year.

Gonna be a ton fo max protect stuff. Goff’s average pass has traveled 3.3 yards past the line of scrimmage…that average may go down, tomorrow.

I wish we’d do more 2 back sets. We have to use well-timed deception, which is hard to do if your bread and butter doesn’t work. We need the run to work, so we can use misdirection, play action, etc. They’re gonna try to take the run away from us, and will likely be able to. Time to figure out what our backups can do.

Is Sewell playing tomorrow?

It doesn’t sound promising, but he hasn’t been ruled out yet from what I’ve seen.

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The Vikings are gonna hammer us!

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In other news, Sewell can legally drink as of today. :joy:


LOL - Yup. Zero concerns on him. Dude is finally reaching puberty. He’s gonna be a really good one!


I got us losing by 17 to the Vikes, but I also was on record saying we beat the Bears last week, lol so I clearly know nothing. ha ha

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Looks like Sewell and Hock are trending on the right direction. I guess we’ll see!


You all knew this was coming but…


Yup - I’m wrong all the freakin’ time. Still having fun with it, though. LOL

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This’ll be Sewell if he’s in there tomorrow :joy:


Have Fox switch jerseys with one of the DTs and let him wreck some ass on interior DL.


Vikings vs. Fox

Vikings - 6

Fox - 10

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Really gotta limit that polish sausage intake to 65grams a day. lol


Correct! Question is…Do the coaches have the balls to be the first ever to put the punter in at DT? If they do, our chances go up exponentially.

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Hopefully Sewell is the dude with the sword and not his opponent. lol