Weekly Reminder

Matthew Stafford quit on us Lions fans.

No matter how you spin it. He quit on us.

Stop rooting for his success.

I will make sure and remind you every week.

Boo hoo he didn’t want to sit through another rebuild. Boo hoo. We paid you hundreds of millions of dollars during those rebuilds. Hopefully you can sleep at night.

Did I mention he quit on us?

Oh and thanks for those 10 or so career wins or whatever against over .500 teams. You sure played your heart out for us. GMAFB.

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I think you need a hug. Stafford is gone, time to move on. The dude gave us 12 years of playing through pain and gave it his all. I completely understand why he wanted a new start and didn’t want to endure another rebuild when he may only have a few seasons left. He’s taken a lot of damage in his career physically.

I still want the Rams to lose because we got their draft picks but I got nothing but Respect for #9.


Man, the more Stafford wins, the saltier the “Stafford was the problem” people get.


Stafford asked for a trade so he could compete for a championship. I would not classify that as quitting on us. If they denied his request, he would have came back and played hard. Its hard to call somebody a quitter when even the organization itself was tearing itself down and admitting defeat.


He didn’t quit the fans, no matter how many weeks you say it, it doesn’t change that. He quit a organization that is the worst in all sport after 12 yrs of trying to do the impossible.

Now rather than be on the edge of a HOF career he’s likely gonna be a lock. Just like Barry and CJ, no SB in Detroit, but unlike them he has a real shot in LA.


I guess it’s time for the weekly…

south park beat a dead horse GIF

The Simpsons GIF


Stafford be like:


PS… that represents Kelly… Matt is under the sheet. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Actually I think Collins quit on the team, not Stafford. But I guess that’s splitting hairs.


I see it as the organization quit on Stafford.

Matt went to bat for Caldwell but the organization didn’t listen.

The organization made the wrong moves and it cost him his health and his youth.

I see zero issue with the man asking for a trade and not wanting to sit through another rebuild by an organization that clearly doesn’t get it.

In 12 seasons Matt never quit on the team, the fans or the city. He played through countless injuries that included a broken back, dislocated shoulder, and broken fingers. The man left it all on the field for his team.

I am surprised at the negativity some fans have towards him. It amazes me.

I wish him the best of luck.


Pretty sure you’d think Tina Turner quit on Ike and Nicole quit on OJ.


Just for you!

Born and raised on Motown!!


Weekly reminder: this is a terrible take.


I’m reminded weekly of how seven days makes one weak! :crazy_face:

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Tina Turner Walking GIF by Rhino Records


Him yes, the Rams, no.


Hands down winner. LOL

Left a good job in Detroit City…
Workin’ for the man, every damn Sunday…
But I never lost one minute of sleep,
When I was worrying bout the way things might’ve been…

Big wheel a keep on turnin’
Lions just keep on Burnin
now I’m rolllin’
Rollin’ like a wiiiiiinner!


The Lions quit on us in 1963.


Victims always think someone did something TO them…
Quit on them
Hurt them
Pissed them off
The only way to be upset is when the life condition doesn’t match the blueprint.

Unhappy people blame the life condition. Emotionally intelligent people look at the blueprint and ask if their Current way of thinking is serving them.

This is a flame-baiting thread designed to pull people into the drama triangle.
Research drama triangle.
Research feminine masculine behavior. Come back and let us know what you see here. What needs does the OP meet in starting this conversation? Why would they do that?

Coming from a centered, grounded, masculine, trustworthy energy?
Trying to stir up conflict?

Why would someone do this?
Selling the Drama!

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Ain’t it the truth. I guess it goes along with people never wanting to admit when they were wrong. For a dozen years I had to listen to “fans” tell me that Stafford was the problem. One guy mentioned it to me and then admitted he didn’t watch the games. These are the people who would kill the goose that is laying the golden eggs. I’ve been watching the Lions without fail every Thursday / Sunday / Monday since 1978. I can tell you unequivocably that Matt is the best quarterback we ever had and probably will be the best quarterback we will ever have during our lifetimes. Hopefully we can build enough of a team around the next poor soul quarterback who gets drafted by this sorry organization.