Welp now that preseason is over...how's everyone feeling?

  • I am very confident going into the first game
  • I think we will struggle in our first game
  • I want to jump off a cliff

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Very simple, now that preseason is over, how is everyone feeling going into our first game against Philly? I for one loved our draft and have been impressed overall with how we have went about our business this offseason. Backup QB"s aside haha, I do think we are stronger as a team and will cause other teams problems.

Our Oline is good to protect Goff, Special Teams have looked fantastic, etc. Also, just seems from my perspective that the players are really buying into even more what DC is trying to get them to do.

Hate we have to wait until September 11th to see us play again, but I am very confident going into this first game.

How about ya’ll?


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It’s been hard to judge preseason because the drop off in QB from Goff to Boyle/Blough is huge.


We have only seen the 1st string offense together for 1 drive and it went for a touchdown. I am a bit concerned about the defense but we will be fine.


Watching Boyle and blough for the majority of the last 3 games has made me consider giving up football. I need a drink.


Worst backup QB scenario in the league by a country mile. But i am excited to watch this team play.


There are a few things that are clear to me. Goff is lightyears better than his backups. And this team seems significantly more prepared in preseason than they were under Patricia.

I bet the Steelers this game completely based on our backup QB situation. Its that bad. The other players on the field seem to be able to go toe to toe with the teams we have faced.


About the same. Not getting excited. Although I am somewhat astonished seeing the holes the O-line is creating for the running backs. Just as astonished seeing them actually HIT the hole. Not used to seeing that.
The over/under is what, 6? Looks about right. I don’t see many more wins than that. But, we will see.

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Still feels like a 6-7 win team. Will be more entertaining to watch this year, thankfully.


If we were playing last years schedule I’d agree. There’s not many teams I think are outright better than us this season though. Philadelphia and Buffalo are going to be losses. Probably Green Bay and Dallas too. Outside of that just look at the quarterbacks we face. We can beat all of them. We’re not facing great defenses either outside of the teams I mentioned. The Dolphins could be a problem but we’ll see.

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20 QBs started 15 or more games, and many would have been more games if not for resting week 18

Basically you kind of count on your QB starting 16-17 games… if you believe you are a legit contender, you buy QB insurance.

If not, does it matter?

I give us a solid chance vs Philly. Buffalo maybe a chance in hell.

I think we lose 28-24 week one.

I only picked struggle because we’re playing the Eagles.


I see 8 wins but I’m not sure Philly is one of 'em. Other teams improved too. If Campbell brings out the same fight that we saw last year then there’s enough talent to make anything possible. I mean, hell, Austin Bryant is playing as good or better than Hutch. That should tell you its going to be a year of surprises.

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We struggle vs Eagles, beat Commanders, and learn a lot about this team vs Vikes.

I expect 4 point loss… 7 point win, and then a coin flip-

If that coming flip is a win….we then beat Seahawks and Patriots…

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Hutch is drawing double teams already.


Its not about “buying” a better backup QB situation. You can use similar resources and not have complete slugs behind Goff.

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Sticking flaming needles soaked in acid in my eyes wouldn’t have been as painful as watching our QB’s this pre-season.

Yes - I know we can’t afford to have Goff get injured in pre-season, but for fuck sakes, we were 3-13-1 last year. Goff one series, how much Swift, TJ, Schark, any other 1’s I’m missing…?

Sure, guys get hurt. But it is football. and these things happen. But to get better, you need to get on the field and play live football. And we didn’t do it. I ain’t happy.


I think we win 7 games, however the Eagles are not a good matchup for us to start the season. They have a great rushing attack and we couldn’t stop the run last year. So, please no one jump off a bridge if week 1 doesn’t go well.