Wentz looking bad tonight

Hope he plays like this next week


Lions need to study this game for sure.


I was thinking, the Eagles aren’t looking so tough. Could the talking heads be falling for their own hype?


yup - was just thinking that. Plus, ATL looked like crap, last week. Innnnnteresting.

Cards were very competitive vs Ravens, today too (maybe they’re not as bas as we thought).

Minnesota looked much more beatable this week too.

I almost see our division as chances to win the division…
25% chance for Detroit
25% chance for Pack
25% chance for MN
25% chance for Bears…at this point.

Not really scared of any of them. If we show up with our A-game, these are all winnable games. We have a lot to clean up still.


I think Josh Mccown is thier QB right now?!

Wow! What happened to Wentz?

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He’s back in there now!


Ok thanks

Bad spot for Eagles tonight. They are getting beat up tonight. The road to the Super Bowl just keeps getting easier for Dallas.


Josh was in on this last drive of the half. Then Wentz back

Wentz 2 INTs and almost 3

Wentz went out. Josh was in, now Wentz again

Jackson and Jeffrey out

Welcome to the board!
Yeah, I’d like to know what that was all about?


Philly looked less than good last week also. I’ll agree that Dallas easily looks the best in their division and maybe even the nfc, but let’s not put them in the SB after 2 games vs teams that will be drafting top 8.
As for our division its anyone’s division. All have moments of looking like total crap. Hate him or love him after 2 we have the best QB. Chicago the best defense. Minny the best rb and GB the best record.


Really hoping for improvement in the DL. I would especially love to see more out of Daniels and Flowers.

Bryant could possibly help a lot as well.

Will be interesting to see what they do with the LBs, when Davis comes back. Wonder what the word is as to when that happens?

Welcome JJ.

I’m more concerned about us right now, the Lions have got to play better football than hey have in the 1st two games. Gotta get that pass rush going better and the ST.



Dallas is the best team in the NFC and they are by a very wide margin. Mark Schlereth said it very well this week… Dallas will beat you any way that they please. They will dominate you in the trenches, they have the best RB in the game, they have a top WR group,and a QB who is going to be in the MVP conversation. Oh… and a top 5 defense. No NFC can match up personnel wise with them… and they are going to add still before the deadline.

Dallas vs NE Superbowl. The media is finally starting to catch up to what I’ve been saying about Dallas for months.


He’s pretty bad on the road. He’s always been a different guy at home.

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Dallas has a really good roster. But they will inevitably be worse than most of the other playoff teams at QB.

They’ve also started their schedule with two of the league’s five worst teams.

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A lot of teams are not playing particularly good football after 2 games, including the Lions. Maybe some guys are not showing up for camp in the best condition, or in some cases the off-season surgeries and injuries haven’t healed up enough to to full out. And in our case, we got a new OC and system to learn.

Division games are gonna be huge this year.


Agree on starting with easy opponents… although they are both division foes, so it is a tough matchup.

If you think Dak is not a quality QB it might be time to re elvaluate. He is mentally tough, a great leader, can make the throws and doesn’t wilt in big moments. There’s a decent chance he wins MVP this season. He’s a good QB who is going to have a massive breakout season.

He was overrated after year 1… but he’s now being underrated. He has evolved.