What are the chances we can trade down for 2 top 10 picks

Both the Jets and the Giants are projected to finish with 2 picks in the top 10. I feel like the Giants at 5 and 7 is much more of a realistic option.

If you could get Hutch at 5 and Garrett Wilson at 7, then keep the 27th and 33rd picks, do you give up anything extra to be able to land those guys?

It might look like this…

DET: 1, 65, 98

NYG: 5, 7

I’d do that.

My official “Grinch” player those year will be Garrett Wilson for those of you wondering. I am willing to debate with anyone that he is Devonta Smith with a better frame and better speed.

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As this point I would say it is unlikely that Hutchinson would drop that far. Also with the way Thibodeaux has looked he doesn’t appear to be a guy who would draw interest in a trade up and not sure who else would.


Once again we find ourselves in the position where you have to ask:
Who needs any player more than the Detroit Lions need them?
If a player is worth trading up for, isn’t he worth the same to Detroit?


Its rare for teams to trade away both of their 1st round picks in the same draft. However, what’s odd is that a majority of the trades like that have been for non-QBs.

That is odd. Who are we talking about?

I know teams don’t always go by the draft trade value chart but getting another teams two top 10 picks doesn’t line-up without giving some picks back.

Lions = pick 1 (3000)
Jets = pick 3(2200) and 10 (1300)
Giants = pick 5 (1700) and 7 (1500)

In an ideal world, we could trade that 1 overall pick for someone else’s 2 top 10 picks…and if there was a QB that a team wanted bad enough, I could see it being more probable. I just can’t see it this year. What player could a team possibly want so bad that is worth their 2 top 10 picks?


I wouldn’t make the deal. I don’t view it as enough of a return. Probably won’t be a popular opinion.

Went and looked at the chart to see how the numbers look.
#1 - 3000
#28 - 660
#33 - 580
Getting back original proposal

#5 - 1700
#7 - 1500

Beat me while I stopped to get coffee.

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Now that Hutch is part of the #1 OA convo… keeping the #1 pick will be quite popular if I had to guess.


Warm enough for a start to the day :slight_smile:


I edited my post to remove the “Was she hot?” question… thinking it might have been worded poorly for my double entendre… but you managed a masterful response! :laughing:

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I had

They’ll get hotter as the day goes on

in there but took it out.

So much is going to change as we get into hype season and workouts.

Only thing I’m kinda of certain about, it will take a serious offer to get the Lions to move. I think both Thibs And Hutch will shine at the combine. Both will be top 5 picks. Lions won’t want to drop too far and potentially miss out on both.

It would not surprise me in the least bit if Thibs doesn’t play in Oregon’s bowl game. It’s a trend that been happening the past few years for a ton of players. No chance at a natty, no play. Too much life changing money on the line for these kids.

No chance in hell Hutch sits out if UM makes the playoffs. If they don’t, I’d still expect him to play in their bowl game unless he tweaks something.

In the 2003 draft for instance, both the Saints and Jets traded multiple 2003 1st round picks to move up to take a guy in the top 10. Both took DTs (Johnathan Sullivan and Dwayne Robertson).

The Cardinals used the new found 1st round picks on a DE and WR, while the Bears used the new multiple picks to take a DT/DE and a QB (Rex Grossman).

I wish, as these trade ideas start inundating this board in the coming months, that posters must consider and list who that other team is trading up for.

Name that player that the Giants want so bad that they would trade up to #1 to get him, and then also consider whether there would be a comparable player at #5 that they could just sit and wait on rather than trading away their draft capital.


For what it’s worth, I was wrong. The Giants actually have the 5th and 8th picks and not the 7th pick.

That’d be 3000 to 1400 and 1700

So we’d have to do 1, 65, and 98 for 5 and 8 to make them do it.

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If they want #1 they will do it for 5 and 8 and like it.


Maybe the better question is what are we trading down for? If its for a QB, then I’m not sure I like it.

Garrett Wilson.

We’re trading down so we can get him and Hutch

Yikes. Now we gotta look up the other side of those trades because the buyers look to have set their franchises back with the effort.