What does the ideal draft strategy look like for you right now?

And can it change?

Like if we fall a few spots do you take Kyle Hamilton? I would, but that screws up everything else.

Here’s what I feel like the consensus is…

1 - Hutch (DE)
24 (or wherever) - LB
33 - WR
65 - QB
96 - S

That’s kind of what I’d do too…

1 - Hutch
24 - WR
33 - QB
65 - LB
96 - S

What would you do?

I’m not taking a QB just for the sake of taking a QB. It’s a weak QB class, save your pick for the defense or WR group.


1 don’t draft any douche bags
2 wash
3 rinse
4 repeat


What’s the definition of a douche bag?

Parsons was considered a douche bag by some here.


pick good players.
throw the grocery list away.


Generally, someone Quinn, Millen, and Patricia would bang the table for.

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Would that be a douche bag or just talentless? Overdrafted?

A lot of both

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The more I look at the draft the more I think they should punt on a QB, none of them are that enticing even in the 2nd/3rd round when there are so many needs elsewhere. Go all in for one next draft, trade up if need be.

After the obvious pick of DE at 1, load up on playmakers with the next 3 picks. No more fat guys in the trenches. WR, LB, S. Load up on those positions then maaaaybe take a late round flier on a QB.


We need a QB in my opinion. Whether it’s at 1oa or somewhere in round 1, we need a QB. And taking a QB, we arent and shouldnt take one outside of round 1, not unless we are talking about a late day 3 (round 6 or 7) guy. The reason is we need the 5th year option on the QB.

If Kentucky QB Will Levis declares for the draft, I am thinking really hard about taking him round 1. Even at 1oa. He reminds me of Josh Allen, but he seems to have a quicker release on short stuff. He would be my QB1 if he declares. We can also look at Malik Willis or Desmond Ridder. Both are worthy of consideration later in round 1.

I’m not sure a WR is really such a good idea to draft. I think I’d rather see us pay for one or even two in free agency. We definitely need Safety help and I feel free agency is the best for that.

Free agency will help narrow down everything.

Needing a QB really throws a wrench into building the team. In my opinion, Goff doesnt appear to be able to be that guy.

If we didnt need a QB, I would go:

1oa: Hutch
23: BPA (but I would’nt draft WR here)

PFF just came out with a mock today. Had us taking

1oa. Hutch
24. Drake London

So…I really like London, but he seems to be more of a 50-50 ball, physical guy. So I ask, how much more of a difference, or how much better is he than say DJ Chark or Auden Tate, who we can target in free agency?

Also, think of all the WR that get taken in round 1 and dont pan out. Maybe that’s true for all positions and it just gets magnified at the WR position due to everyone expecting a HUGE impact?

I dont know. I personally dont think WR is gonna be a good selection in round 1.

I would put our main priority as a QB.

Then in no order of priority id list our needs as:

RG ( put another sewell type next to sewell and our OL is potentially ELITE)

And a shutdown CB and more DT depth would not hurt. :grinning:

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Chances are there is gonna be another player that doesnt play WR with a better, equal, or slightly lower grade. If there is some freak WR that fell…of course you think again. But that really wont be the case in my opinion.

I think that’s the first nicest thing you’ve said to me. That made me feel good.

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I do really like Treylon Burks

But I dont know…i think he is gonna go higher than many think.

Lions need players all over so not opposed to trading down a few times.

I’d start with game changing DE and WR in the 1st round.
Guard 2nd.
SAF 3rd.
LB 4th.
WR 5th.
SAF 6th
CB 7th

If you can successfully trade down early and get another pick, maybe you consider a QB with it in the 2-4th rounds

There are a lot more 6’ 200lb men that can run than there are 6’5 280lb guys that can overpower bigger men. I like to take OL/DL early in the draft with a potential game changer and leave the later rounds for DBs where you can find a lot more hidden gems.

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Cometely agree that it is harder to find those big dudes who can play and have good motors … which is why it is also hard to push for trading down at times.

I think it always depends on what is offered… and I certainly take a long view… but trading down to get additional picks outside the top 80-90 picks is not what I would hope for.

Supposedly Holmes had 2 offers to trade down and declined. I think the 1st was the #7 Pick for Sewell. They would get something like #10 and #15. I would have done that trade and taken Slater and Parsons/WR.

The next one they had a chance on was one of the 4th rounders I think. An extra 6th probably would have gone to Jefferson anyway and the 7th would have likely gone to one of the UDFAs they got anyway so that trade down does nothing but risk Aman Ra or Barnes or Ifeti

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It seems in hindsight, every time the Lions could have traded down, they should have. And…majority of fans support a trade down every year.

QB to me is an interesting one. On one hand it is a position where I think we should throw as many darts as possible until we get the guy we need.

But in saying that I would be disappointed if we end up taking one at any stage in day 1 or day 2 just for the sake of it just to have a young developmental QB. If Willis or whoever falls to early in the second round and you are fairly sure he has the tools to be an above average/top 16 QB in the league then go get him. But if not then just ride with Goff for another year and add a piece somewhere else.

We have the draft capital in 2023 to move up if needs be for what looks a better QB class.