What does your Lions draft board look like for pick 29?

Lets see your top 5 prospects for pick 29 with a couple weeks left before the draft. #1 is the top of the board and #5 is if all the other players 1-4 were taken before your pick.

If you want to say you would trade up to ensure you get a guy, give us what you are willing to give up.

Feel free to have a list of 14 if you want. Or you can pick less than 5.

This is a Lions specific board, not a board of your favorite guys. So try to predict what you think the Lions will do. That could mean best player available. Or that could mean drafting for need and looking hard at the depth chart. Or a blend of both. This means you can’t just pick the bald guys, @BigNatty :sob:

To make it easier, and perhaps more realistic, let’s assume the 15 players below have already been drafted:

  1. Marvin Harrison Jr. WR
  2. Malik Nabers WR
  3. Rome Odunze WR
  4. Caleb Williams QB
  5. JJ McCarthy QB
  6. Jaden Daniels QB
  7. Drake Maye QB
  8. Brock Bowers TE
  9. Joe Alt OT
  10. Dallas Turner EDGE
  11. Quin yon Mitchell CB
  12. Taliese Fuaga OL
  13. Olumuyiwa Fashanu OT
  14. JC Lathum OT
  15. Terrion Arnold CB

(*maybe one of these players fall, but I feel like 15 is a good number that still leaves plenty of other guys that might be gone by 29 but at the same time allows us to get into the meat of what will likely be on the board.)

This is not a final list by any means, so have fun with it. I just want to see where everybody’s head is at with a couple weeks left.

Jared Verse DE
Cooper Dejean CB
KoolAid Mckinstry CB
Jerzahn Newton DT
Graham Barton OL

Wildcard- Kingsley Suamataia OL

Brad loves drafting 2nd rounders in round 1


Here is my board w/ a brief explanation for each:

  1. Adonai Mitchell - he’s just too good not to pick. Massive upgrade from Reynolds. He has it all IMO. Height athleticism speed. He would round out our WR core.

  2. Kool Aid McKinstry - he’s not perfect but he’s a guy who, like Branch his teammate, doesn’t have the best measurables, but instead is just a really good throwback football player. Massive upgrade in the DB room

  3. Laiatu Latu - injury history aside, the most polished rusher in the class IMO. High floor. He might be getting slept on.

  4. Bryon Murphy - He’d be fun as a 3 tech rotating with Alim and Reader.

  5. Graham Barton - I think he’d be a useful multi tool for our offensive line. I love his athleticism and consistency.

Honorable Mention: Jared Verse (I can’t believe I left him out). Nate Wiggins (could be a great one but too skinny and can he tackle?). Brian Thomas Jr. (Also can’t believe he didn’t make it) (is it me or is he shades of DJ Chark?) . Amarius Mims (wow measurables). Chop Robinson. Jackson Powers-Johnson (might just be an All Pro). Newton DT. (I may have the wrong DT on the list). Cooper DeJean (I like him, but what is he?)


You just know Brad is going throw us curveball, but what will it be this year?

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If I had to guess it would be Kingsley Sumataia.

He’d immediately be the 6th man OL…and the eventual in house replace for OT when Decker is done.

In the meantime, he could slide in at LG next year if Zeitler doesn’t stick around.

A White Cornerback. They are almost extinct.

I was at my local diner bellied up to the counter and the debate was lively.

One guy was adamant that it was going to be a DE. His logic was that this draft is thin at DE so to get a serviceable one they will have to take one early. Verses other positions he viewed as deeper and you could in theory find some gold later in the draft.

One thing we all agreed. The Lions have done a good job of filling holes with FA and now they could take almost any position except RB, QB, or TE and it could make sense.


I’m hoping for DeJean

I see a future for Branch as a Safety on the field for every snap and DeJean as a lock down presence in nickle who can rotate outside if needed


If he covers Kupp, does the universe implode on itself?


Love this list, I believe with Sweat having the DUI someone will trade up for Newton because the consolation prize was taken off some lists for the first 2 rounds.

DeJean is great at opPressed Coverage

No, if he covers Kupp he is fine.

It is Dejean vs McCaffrey that could cause the implosion


I forgot about McCaffrey. That’s all way too much white. Imagine them all on the same team. Would be like the 80’s Celtics

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Dejean & Branch w/ Iffy

Can you imagine what we could do with that and still have Kerby over top roaming

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Anything BUT,
QB, RB, K, P.

Literally anything else cool whatever. In brad i trust.

No fly zone. Add in a pass rush and this team is unbeatable with Goff slinging it in this offense

We will have the 01 Rams offense with the 14 Seahawks defense

■■■■. I just shed a man-tear

This is my thoughts exactly.

Lets be the first team to have a completely floating switchable defensive backfield.

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Me too

What a dynasty that would be

Just man handling people in the run game, pass game, then having ballers in the back 7 and a nasty front 4.

Sad Cry GIF by PG Tips

I must say heading into a draft with no concerns and confidence is amazing. Please sign me up for this vibe for the next 30 years.


All those cats seem ridiculously smart too. So the backfield IQ would be high

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My draft board currently starts at #34, so I don’t know what to say. I need to crosscheck my current delusions with The Beast, which will be released tomorrow according to a note embedded in Colton Pouncey’s article today. So I’ll get back to you in minute.

1a. Amarius Mims, OT/OG, Georgia - Guys with his traits and talent don’t go in the back half of the 1st, they go top 5. If he stayed another year, he could go #1 overall, that’s what I think of his talent. We know Brad looks for value, and Mims’s inexperience + injuries have created v a lot of value here. Start him at guard (if he can beat out Zeitler or Glasgow) then move him to tackle when Decker moves on.

1b. Brian Thomas Jr., WR, LSU - Just too much of a glove fit for what we need at WR, plus he’s a good blocker and hard worker (which gives him the nod over Mitchell - who admitted at the combine that he takes plays off). Plus he’s an ascending talent, he was a bball player coming up. He might be 1a if I didn’t prefer the WR depth to the OT/OG depth.

  1. Laiatu Latu, Edge, UCLA - With the caveat that we give him a clean bill of health. One of the most advanced edge prospects I’ve ever evaluated. He’s dropping ten sacks for someone this year, and for us, across from Hutch, he might get 15. He’s also one of the few guys you can get later (if he lasts) who I think could end up as the best player in the whole class.

  2. Nate Wiggins, CB, Clemson - This one with the caveat that it’s how I feel about him, not how I think Brad will feel about him. His tackling issues are well documented. But from a coverage, playmaker, and chase perspective, he might be the best CB in the class. Honestly I wouldn’t be shocked if he was the first CB drafted. And if he COULD put weight on, maybe he can become a good enough tackler for Brad. His willingness isn’t the problem, it’s his size. Just not sure the FO will give him that chance.

  3. Ladd McConkey, WR, Georgia - He’s not the glove fit Thomas is, but does anyone think Ben would have trouble scheming an offense with him in it? With he and ARSB, anything less than 3rd and 5 would be basically automatic. He’s the type of receiver who fits really well with Goff too. I heard someone comp him to Antonio Brown, and I can see it. And now I can’t unsee it.

Honorable mention (I would be anywhere from thrilled to fine with any of these as well): Troy Fautanu, OT/OG, Washington; Cooper DeJean, CB/S, Iowa; Graham Barton, OG/C, Duke; Jer’zhan Newton, iDL, Illinois; Byron Murphy, iDL, Texas; Xavier Legette, WR, South Carolina; Taliese Fuaga, OT/OG, Oregon State; Jared Verse, Edge, Florida State; Kool-Aid McKinstry, CB, Alabama; Kiran Amegadjie, OT/OG, Yale; Kingsley Suamataia, OT/OG, BYU; Jordan Morgan, OG/OT, Arizona; Troy Franklin, WR, Oregon

Really kind of hard to go wrong imo.