What Free Agency has told us about the Upcoming Draft

IMHO…interested in your opinions…

  1. It looks like we’ll add a long term CB w/ Sutton but Moseley is only a one year deal. He isn’t a long term solution. He’s historically injury prone. I see another CB getting drafted by us. It could be more of a project with a ramp up though.
  2. You’d have thought we’d have a backup QB by now. The arrow seems to be pointing to getting a young QB in the draft…somewhere…
  3. No TEs so far. Are the Lions content with what they have? Its a deep TE class
  4. We signed Monty and re-signed Reynolds. Swift has another year on his deal. Deep RB class as well. I think it makes sense to draft one.
  5. Are we done on the OLine? GG fills that interior swing guy. Looks like Big V is staying put.
  6. No defensive tackles signed other than resigning Buggs. Not sure I should count Cominsky. I definitely think were hitting the draft at this position.
  7. Elliott took a cheap deal elsewhere. Will Walker be back? Can we count on that? Kirby has a bright future. Seems like we should either expect a FA signing or look to the draft. We need some help here IMO. I think Harris, if you can call him a swing safety, with the one year deal is a stop gap. Nickel safety looks like a place to draft reading the tea leaves. We do have some young guys like Okudah/Jacobs/Iffy that might step up.
  8. AA resigned. I feel like that deal means he is the starter and the Lions like him. So where does that leave LB?
  9. For f-sake are we getting a kicker or what :joy:

Great post! I agree with most everything you said.

With all the moves we have made so far… it really gives Holmes a ton of flexibility in the draft to go with the best overall players and fits with the Lions culture. I don’t see us forcing any picks for needs because we just don’t have many glaring needs left. We could still use talented young depth at many positions though for sure.

It’s going to be a lot harder for the 2023 rookies to crack the starting lineup compared to the 21 and 22 drafts where we had so little talent on the roster. And that is a really good thing. Rookies are going to have to earn it. For example, we might still draft a corner in round 1 or 2, now that rookie corner has to compete with Sutton, Moseley, Okudah and Jacobs. That’s a great situation for us, not just throwing the rookie to the wolves.

Place kicker and backup QB are probably the 2 remaining important question marks that really stick out. But, both could be coming from the draft.


Is Vaitai staying put? Has anyone heard how those negotiations are going? I imagine he needs to take a big pay cut to stay on the team. i assume GG will be starting RG and Vaitai backup RG/Swing tackle

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I thought I saw something more solid than what it was. Here it is:

So I guess we’ll see about Big V. Seems like GG is more of a swing interior guy to replace Brown.


He’s done well to give the Lions some flexibility to draft who they love. He’s doing a great job. Its very exciting because if he has one more great draft this team is going to be lights out.

To add: it is a surreal experience watching this competency :joy:

  1. I see good value in drafting a CB to go with what we have, and going against the grain, I think we might be looking high. Okudah’s days might be numbered, and gut feeling has him getting shipped out as part of a package on draft day. His contract and history makes him a prime candidate if they swing high to get one.

  2. I agree, I think we’re drafting a backup. Where is anyone’s guess.

  3. I think they are surprisingly content. Keep an eye on Mitchell.

  4. It does make sense to draft one if the value is there, especially an inside bruiser.

  5. I don’t think so. A few names I have my eyes on. Mauch, Gaines, Sow, Mofi.

  6. Again, I agree, the biggest thing I see as a DLine need is a dominant run defender that can hold the point of attack and seal the edge. That’s typically a role that’s undervalued in the draft as everyone is looking for QB killers.

  7. Historically, the Rams with Holmes scouting were able to find incredible value at Safety in the later rounds. I expect a similar approach.

  8. Limbo, I think you might see a low level vet backup and a guy drafted or UDFA for special Teams. Beyond that, who knows? It doesn’t seem to have a high priority, and that might be the best approach.

  9. I heard that Wrong Dong Silver signed a futures deal to try and be the first walleyed Kicker. Seriously, it’s another position the team doesn’t seem to prioritize, and hopefully it doesn’t bite them in the hiney.

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So I’ve seen some mocks with Brian Bresee falling to us at 48 lately. PFF. And I thought man how crazy would it be to pick up Bresee and Mazi Smith with our two second round picks. That seems real solid to me.


For sure, it really does feel and look different.

Don’t sleep on Karl Brooks. Combine snub. Pro day on the 20th. I have no clue how he will work out but he’s got a shot to really help himself.

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AA, Brooks and Kancey are the 3Ts I come back to. Looking for pass rush I guess.


I’ve heard some good things about Keion White too, need to look at some Georgia Tech film

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What FA has told us about the upcoming draft-Do not drop the soap, do not grab your ankles. Literally anything & everything could happen at any given moment

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Still need to add a S, LB, DT, and WR before the draft if we want true flexibility. They don’t have to be starters but guys who are able to contribute. If we don’t sign someone at these positions, they are must draft at some point.

I give it a A- right now. Get two of the above and I don’t know how we could’ve done better under the circumstances.


I think we will take Carter at 6 if not I think it will be Benton in the 2nd or even at 18. I like Brooks better than Kancey but he has to have some red flag for not being invited to the combine. There are a lot of tweeners that we could project inside like Brooks who are better. White and Van Ness top that list.

I’m down for Carter at 6. Less sure that the braintrustis though.

  1. Yes, please, 2 CBs to groom under Sutton’s watch to replace Moseley and Okudah next year. If Moseley balls out, he’ll be too expensive next year. Banks at #18 would be sweet.

  2. Yeah, we gettin’ a QB in the draft. Sign a backup to mesh with him after the draft.

  3. Steve Heiden will unleash a better-blocking James Mitchell and Brock Wright will progress. TE only if it’s great value.

  4. I’m fine with Jermar Jefferson as 4th option at RB.

  5. Gotta find a guard on day 2 or I’ll have a messy meltdown. I mean it.

  6. DT fits are my priority, but Brad and the Honey Badger don’t care about me. That hurts.

  7. Safeties are in Brad’s draft wheelhouse. Chill. He’ll figure it out.

  8. Uh, yeah, Analzone will be squatting on the D.

  9. Our kicker will only have to kick extra points in 2023. F dem comp beans and F dem kickers.



That’s what you get great leaders and communicators for.z sutton was a 3rd round pick. Mosley was undrafted. I hope we take potential and they can pay it forward. Keep the pipeline going.

I think we NEED a receiver. Hoping Holmes gets a sleeper late (or early)

If that happened then where would we land hooker? :smiling_imp:

He is slipping an will slip further