What Free Agency has told us about the Upcoming Draft

We don’t need the cap space anytime soon, so they’re no rush for Vaitai. Deadlines sour action, and Vaitai didn’t have a roster bonus on any guarantees that kicked in by a certain date. I could see it longer past the draft. Maybe a G slides to us that we weren’t expecting and he take him and that makes Big V expendable. He probably isn’t healthy enough to get interest at this point anyway, so it isn’t like the Lions are screwing him over if they can’t agree to a pay cut and they release him after the draft.


I’m glad they brought Buggs back, solid player great leader, but they need to find a starting DT to push him down to backup. Holmes has done a great job building a roster that has no glaring holes outside of one position which is a critical one in DT to pair with McNeil.
I’d never draft for need but I do think he needs to draft one early as long as it’s not a big reach. If Kancey somehow falls to 18, sign me the F up.

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Yup - Especially Hank. H’s a friggin’ rock star at what he xoes too

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This is one player I do NOT want the Lions to draft, a lot to love athletically sure, but undersized with short, like really short, arms is not something I want with a DT

Oh Hank!!!

watching now - HILARIOUS
Farley was SO good.

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Haha Farley will make me laugh from now until the after life… dude was a legend!!

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