What jeff risdon saw in the all-22 film

in short, we’ve seriously been figured out and we’re not adjusting. at all.


Good read.

As I said in the thread asking, there’s a reason Monty is the starter. Just doesn’t go down on first contact. Gibbs is more explosive, and a great change of pace

AG is not good at his job

After his 2nd straight bad showing, I was scared to pay Goff. This guy breaks it down well. If you take what’s easy away from him, he’s gonna struggle


my biggest problem is that if jeff risdon can easily see this, what is going on with the coaching staff? and it wasn’t a one time thing, these things would happen earlier in lesser situations not costing us games, but over the last month it has been brutal.

“That was in spite of the fact I counted at last six uncalled holds on Sewell. Bad day for a great player. It happens to the best of them.”

The next time one of you screams that Hutch is held on every single play of his career (he’s not, and you sound like a lunatic when you suggest this) can we please remember things like this?


Let’s hope the media asks some real questions today in Campbell’s presser at 2 pm.

I feel like sometimes teams get in their bubble a little to much and don’t see things are as bad as they really are especially after a close win like the bears game.


I feel like there will be some serious coaching going on this week. Yes you don’t panic when you are 8-3 but you damn well better take it serious when you got your ass kicked in front of the world on Thanksgiving.


My biggest criticism of AG is how ass the blitz packages are.

They seem predictable and outside of Branch and Analzone no one gets home

Then in the 2nd half of games they finally send those two and the other team magically stops scoring


we should really turn into the old blitzburg. I mean we might as well. A soft cover 2 doesn’t ‘fool’ anyone.


Wtf is going on on the lines? Pass pro sucks and pass rush sucks. How does sewell allow 3 sacks to gary? Hes good but not best rt beater in the league good.

I feel the coaches need to coach themselves first. Fix their foolish ways, then teach new and different ways to the players. Like oh… Tracy Walker in Single High coverage and Kerby 5 yards off the LOS is freaking stupid AG!


The biggest single criticism I have of Jared’s game is his absolute REFUSAL to run. He’s not Lamar Jackson but he’s not gimpy Joe Namath either. Josh Allen clocked a 4.75 40 at his combine; Jared’s was 4.82.

He’s such a reluctant, absolute-last-resort runner that even when he DOES run his hesitation robs him of yards he could have had by bolting at the right time. In the freeze frame Risdon shows there’s absolutely no reason not to audible into an easy pickup of a few yards. At least give the defense a little something extra to consider next time.


I think at least 2 were on Decker.

Gary is also a stud. Decker been very solid all season until that game. He will bounce back


Risdon can be hit or miss but this was a really good read.

I understand, to an extent, the hesitation to change up our approach. Baltimore could be a one-off bad game the way we were a one-off bad game for Jacksonville last year. Sometimes you run into the buzzsaw.

And we got away with it against LAC and Chicago. The signs were there but we were winning. Maybe a subtle adjustment would do the job.

It didn’t. And now it’s crystal clear we need to make some changes.

More no huddle? More blitzes? Benchings? There are plenty of options. But it can’t be change for change’s sake. There has to be a reason for it.

I have plenty of confidence in Ben to make the necessary changes. He’s built our offense around the OL (as he should have), now he should be keenly aware what can happen to it when our OL isn’t up to snuff. He didn’t have a plan B; he will have to going forward.

The play of our OL was alarming, but I have a lot of faith it was only a blip too.

Sorsdal was in over his head at LG. He was a T in college and had been training to shift to RG all year. It was too much of an ask, especially against a good front. That was a mistake by the staff that they quickly recognized.

And because of it, Decker and Ragnow had to be more aware of what was happening next to them, rather than having complete confidence in their running mate. That matters. And on top of that, Ragnow got hurt.

Sewell’s bad game was the most alarming as there is no apparent reason for it. But I’m also quite certain he’s the type of guy who will kill the guy across from him next game. It’s gonna eat at him.

Defensively, we have what we have. I know there’s a thread about an over-reliance on Houston as the answer, but he really was the answer last year. Our improvement coincided with his emergence as a secondary threat. Hopefully Irvin can turn back the clock and give that to us this year, and hopefully the return of CJGJ will light a fire, but otherwise I think we’ll need one more influx of talent before we’re really ready to be good.


Totally agree with Jeff on the first play. Never made sense even in real time. Just a total misallocation of players and their skillsets.

I also agree that this was a good enjoyable article. I think the more Jeff focuses on the schematic stuff and less on the rosterbation stuff the better. Though I do understand that the latter gets clicks and that’s what pays his bills so :man_shrugging:


Same with Schlitt. I enjoy it when both get into their interpretations of the tape.


I missed it when the team was winning. It’s been a goddamn funeral here and in the media. Some of it is warranted and I have my doubts about the staying power of this team (I even created a “Lions are in trouble” thread last week) but, man, you’d think they were 3-8 not 8-3. A loss against the Saints and it’ll be time for Sheila to sell.

Not that Risdon doesn’t make some valid points ftr. Just a general statement about how the mood surrounding this team has flipped so quickly.

With that said, the fate of the Lions and whether or not that they win a playoff game or two or even make the playoffs for that matter rests primarily on the offensive line keeping Goff relatively clean.
We know the defense is what it is so the offense will have to score points and more importantly, take care of the ball. If Goff doesn’t have time, it’s going to be trouble. That’s pretty much what it boils down to.
I also think they need to run the ball more. Monty almost always gains at least 3-4 yards and puts them in advantageous 2nd and 3rd down situations. Continue feeding that guy and use Gibbs for change of pace.


If we lose to the Saints I’d probably move the team to Europe. :laughing:

Especially when you’ve been the less physical team two weeks in a row. Not good when that’s your team identity.


The positive is we still ran the ball well on both the Bears and Packers. The turnovers obviously killed us and prevented us from running more when we got behind by a couple scores.

We clean up the turnovers and stick with the running game and play action and I think we can still win a lot of games.


That’s a little harsh. We’ve been talking about corruption for years and years. We’ve all proven it. We’ve all seen it, over and over and over…
Oh, so our two best players on their respective units are being cheated on by the opponent and the refs? Shocking? No!
Maybe I’m misunderstanding? Sometimes reality does look like lunacy, though.