What jeff risdon saw in the all-22 film

I’m not saying there’s not corruption. I’m saying Hutch isn’t held virtually every play.

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We do have a tendency to embellish.
Still, he gets held. A lot.:laughing:

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This is Pistol Formation?

What he said about AG not using his player at their strongest positions, I tend to agree with.
I’m not sold on AG at all.
He comes across as arrogant and cocky when the defense does a good job and defensive when they stink the place up, saying, “This is the NFL.” Well guess what AG? You’re an NFL coach and your D is getting whipped. Ask somebody to help you. You don’t even have to tell at the press conference. You can just say," That’s for me to know."

100% I mean it may be one of the reasons he’s one of the least hurt QBs since he entered the league but still. If he could bolt like Rodgers did that levels up his game a lot

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Kind of hybrid pistol there. The QB is pistol distance but normally you’d see rhe HB behind the QB in pistol at normal shotgun depth

This is the example picture for Shotgun, almost identical to the play that Risdon was calling Pistol.

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That doesn’t look 5-7 yards off the line though. I have no idea what depth differentiates shotgun from pistol, but going by the Wikipedia article you posted, that photo looks to come up a little short.


I’m not an expert either. I always thought pistol was basically shotgun just closer to the line. Like 4ish yards back rather than sevenish

I always thought the only ostensible advantage to pistol was to give the RBs a head of steam like they would under center by lining up deeper than the QB

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I don’t think yardage of the QB identifies the formation as much as where the RB is ligned-up…but that’s just my 2 cents.


I thought the advantage to the Pistol was that the RB doesn’t line-up on one side or the other of the QB and can just run full steam ahead to either side and take the handoff with some momentum already built up. In the shotgun, the RB has to stop and wait for the handoff.

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This video is exactly what I saw in real time:
The LIONS making odd choice after odd choice with personnel.

Like the Panthers game last season. Just dumb.

In another thread Nate discusses the lack of identity. That first defensive call exemplifies that perfectly. Instead of playing our players at their best positions Glenn gets cute. Walker over Kerby as the single high safety makes ZERO sense and was a self-inflected wound.

On offense we were screaming for Goff to push the ball downfield yet Ben Johnson didn’t get Goff to go there.

Glenn opens himself up to criticism again by jacking with Barnes and Jack Campbell. Pick a guy, play them, define a role for all players and define your defense. Glenn seems to be making playing defense harder than it is by moving guys around when that isn’t necessary.

On offense if they want to gum up the center use Reynolds and JaMo to attack the edges.

This loss is on the coaches to me. Yep, players sucked too but just too many mistakes made by the coaches. The 4th down failed attempt was awful and predictable. Forced and an unnecessary gamble.

These coaches need to get their heads out if their asses.


I think some of this falls directly on Goff Because there are receivers running deep routes. But what we have to keep in mind too is our line was getting beat so badly all game long there wasn’t a lot of time to let deep routes develop.

When the rush is getting to you less than one and a half seconds, not even Jamison is that fast


I’d love to see the lions incorporate some of what Miami is doing, they’re bringing the motion of their fast receivers towards the line and time the snap, similar to what blitzing linebacker would try to do. So it gives their superfast guys, the ability to start the play, with a full head of steam, and avoid any kind of jam at the line of scrimmage


That’s how I’m aware of it. The Chris Ault Nevada offense is what I think of and the running back is directly behind the QB who is in shotgun but less deep than traditional shotgun.


Is it me or do you feel like Dan got so much praise for his fake punt in KC that he almost does it now to feed his ego?..I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love the guy as our Head Coach but sometimes he is just dumb without an excuse.

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Yep. I love Campbell too but that was dumb. The team needed a spark and it was obvious Dan would try to give them that spark. Easy to predict.

Like what arena league offenses do?..I thought that was illegal to have anyone moving towards the LOS without resetting before snapping the ball?


Yeah not exactly toward the line pre snap. But building speed and timing the turn upfield with the snap

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Absolutely agree! In 2018 Goff moved around the most he ever did as a pro. I remember the TD run vs the Chiefs on Monday. Every so often he would scramble and he was much more instinctive and fluid in 2018. That was the best he ever played to date. He was truly elite that season.

The main difference bewteen Stafford and Goff despite mirror athletic traits other than arm stregth is the instinctivenes Stafford plays with. Goff has the ability but for whatever reason it doesn’t translate. Goff is the more accurate passer but Stafford has him beat in almost everything else.