What jeff risdon saw in the all-22 film

And the off platform virtuosity. Stafford can get a ball anywhere on the field from the least ideal situations. I do think if both are kept clean and unencumbered that Goff’s mechanics and the resulting accuracy are more consistent. But when the sh!t hits the fan and you’ve got to McGuyver a throw Goff isn’t even in the same universe as Stafford.

Let’s just say: I disagree.


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I have long wondered why teams don’t use motion to creat leverage when a WR has a running start.

I remember watching Jerry Rice in motion and it created such an advantage because they were good at creating pick type plays as he came off the line.


:goat: quote
Look, for us as Lions fans, maybe I just have blinders on, because of how we’re leading the division, how well we’re playing," Sanders continued. “But I still see a great product. Still see great teams and a very popular game. I would listen to anything he has to say, and I’d have to get into more detail what he’s referring to, but I think this is the greatest product, the greatest thing we’ve ever seen as Lions fans. So I’m gonna enjoy this for a while.”

I want Aiden on offense and Ben to run him in moonwalk motion. We know Aiden can do it and I need to be entertained.

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Your eyes do not deceive you, it’s not a pistol.
It’s shotgun.
You know, like…

Here we are empty, same distance:

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Not to pile on to this, but one other breakdown was the TD pass to Tucker Kraft. Lions were out of balance and look to be expecting a weaksids run. It was man coverage and i believe Tucker was Anzalones’ coverage responsibilty. Either him or Walker. But i can say with pretty certain accuracy that Walker had AJ Dillon and Anzalone had Kraft, as Walker was penetrating right off the snap and paused in his tracks when Dillon did not get the handoff.

Anzalone was directly over the center and should have shifted more to the strongside (closer to Kraft). It was 3rd and 1. He was likely expecting a run to the weakside with the big, battering ram in Dillon, who was also on the strongside. Lions appear to be expecting a weakside run from the strongside to covert 3rd and 1. Just too much ground for Anzalone to make up on that TD if he isnt shifted closer to Kraft. Under the circumstances (3rd and 1), it is understandable to expect a run, but if its a pass (and it was) thats a tough ask for Anzalone. It could have been a mental lapse on AA part (which seems likely). To make it worse, it was a playaction with a delayed route from Kraft, making AA pause from his pass responsibility even more.

Packers played well and had some good play calls.

Adding more to this article, playaction has been an issie for our LB’s, like it is for most LB’s.

Elaborate if you may. I’m intrigued…

And that’s where I measure a writer/ podcaster/ poster’s credibility…it’s in these details whether you can see if someone knows what they are talking about or not.
I’m not saying Risdon has no clue what he’s talking about but if you can’t at least describe a simple formation, well…maybe you should get some training of some sorts before you try to “break down a play”.
Risdon breaking down a play has as much credibility as me teaching electrical wiring, you’d be shocked at how much I don’t know about it.

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I tend to be the same way. I believe there’s a certain shtick that some will adopt where they try to use lingo that sounds like Mayock or Casserly used, but then get out over their skis a bit. I’ve made a commitment to myself to not pile on these guys, especially since so many folks here read their stuff and seem to appreciate the content. But, yes, I do tend to move on pretty quickly when “reviewing the tape” is little more than commenting the same way we do here, and especially when using specific football terminology unnecessarily or incorrectly.

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If the QB is lined up where the FB usually lines up and there is a RB in the backfield behind him either in an “I” or offset… then it’s “probably” the Pistol. What Risdon points out as a Pistol formation… isn’t.

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Was looking at the schedule for the Lions on the Yahoo app just now and inadvertently saw a replay of their first play from scrimmage. Man the safety blitz was the wimpiest I’ve ever seen a safety blitz. He was just trying to run around people like a kid looking for his moms legs in a crowded mall

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No it’s a gangland pistol where you’d hold it sideways.

I wonder what Stafford’s trade value is now?

They’ve got some cool sights for those.

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