What position lines-up with that #18 pick?

The funniest part about re reading this thread (for my own pure entertainment of course) was that my boy @Lyonfan1 snuck in his daily draft board in the midst of the cage match lol good stuff

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I’m usually kind to people I don’t like. Ask my in laws

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Oops, I clicked the laugh emoji. I hope you’re not overly sensitive or going to try and make this into something it’s not and think I’m laughing at you!?!?!
Hopefully you know this emoji means I’m laughing with you and not at you.

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That’s sad………and no……you didn’t reach me. Disliking people takes too much energy and hurts you in the long term. Not them.

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I clicked the party emoji. That means we are now obligated to throw a party. I’ll bring the chips!

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That was an in law joke. I don’t actually dislike them. Though they are a bit odd.

Do you have any humor in your life?

I dont either. But for arguments sake at least he played in a pro offense and will pick up the next one easier. I think he busts too

Gee, I have no idea why I could possibly think you were mocking me……intellectually dishonest.

That gif was funny…I’m laughing at the gif, not you.

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I’m not sure about this emoji. Is that shaking prayer hands, applause or trying to kill a fly?

I think it’s the Mr. Miagi emoji.

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Maybe it’s this region

I don’t know, but the folks that have them swear by them and will never go back to anything else(never is a long time, but that’s what they tell me).

Yeah. My buddy has one and has to travel a lot in it regionally for work. Loves his.

They have been adopted of late by the gay female population. Even gaining the moniker Lezburu.

The cliche is a lesbian driving a Subaru to Whole Foods wearing a fleece pullover and Teva sandals with her pet labrador

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Nobody does Lesbian quite like the Pacific Northwest


Kurt Kobain was a lesbian. Most people don’t know this.