What's everyone's go to pizza

T-Dubs from Frankenmuth
Mineral Springs Tustin
Cuginos Grand ledge

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V’s when in Jacksonville
Palace King or Jet’s when in Lakeland.

Rockies at home.


Klavon’s when I am home:

Hole in the wall mom and pop shops everywhere else…


Buddy’s pizza in Detroit was tops 50 years ago. If I get down that way, it never disappoints. I had a pepperoni, bacon and mushroom pizza from Buddy’s it would be great…


When I worked for a company in Canton always hit Buddy’s.
Also was a pizza place in Plymouth, across from The Post that was really good.

Small world man.

Really really small world.


It was Pasquales on Woodward, but they shut down last year. Have yet to find a true replacement.

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Back in the day loved Bells in E.L.


Chain: papa Murphy’s

Small local business: Sidetrack or Solbergs

Great pizza they own G&D’s in Cadillac too. I am very shocked someone posted this. I grew up near here and have family there. I get up that way often. I love G&D’s.

Best chain is Buddy’s and Guido’s pizza. They are hard to beat in Southeast Michigan.

I also love Green Lantern in Madison Heights.

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My favorite as well.

There is a place in Superior, Wisconsin I go to but I’ll be damned if I can remember the name.

My 2nd home is Leroy. So its about 20 minute from my place.

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I have yet to have Buddy’s pizza, but there is now one in Lansing.

I’ve had Klavon’s a time or two. Pretty good pie. :yum:


I have two sisters who live in Leroy. I bet you know or have met one of them.

Rose Lake?

Yes Rose Lake

Benito’s its a small chain but the one in belleville mich is the best. Been going there for over 40yrs


Lol, and here I am already jealous of you bc you live in Texas. Whataburger is the bomb. Texas overall seems to be super dope from when I visit.

Love it. Only place that I know of where 1 pie can feed 4 grown men…plus being and out of stater these days I always get a kick out of Detroit sports paraphernalia all over the place.:sunglasses:

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