What's your confidence level for Thursday?

Agreed, noone wants to see this. Point being, IF the dreaded blowout were to happen, it’s not the end of the season. Vikes just got their asses handed to them by the Boys, Vikes will still be in the playoffs. (I really hope not)
As a young team, big games like this in front of a National audience will help this team grow, win or lose. Yes I’d LOVE a surprise win, but if not, a loss is a loss, I don’t care how good or bad it looks. Just keep learning and growing! I’d like to see us hit the 9 win mark.
My 3 good bets: Jags, Panthers, & Bears should put us at 7. Need two more from - Bills, Vikings, Jets, & Packers. I like our chances, Jets are stumbling, Pack are done.
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Not really high on confidence. They have a better roster, and some of our better players are out. Logically, we probably lose. So, confidence is like 3/10.

If they can somehow win though? Hoo doggy. The back half might be a blast.


Keys to Thanksgiving never change. Out drink my mother-in-law, put the damn turkey in a bag because any idiot can make that work, and count on others to pick up the slack because for some reason everyone thinks the guy in charge of the turkey is doing the hardest job.

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Watching the World Cup has helped raise my confidence. Some amazing upsets thus far.