Where do you stand on Justin Fields?

Justin Fields is an interesting case… Many Lions fans think he sucks, heck quite a few Bears fans think he sucks, but he’s currently tied for 2nd in the league at 11 passing TDs. Fields has the same number of passing TDs (11) and interceptions (5) as Tua in Miami. He’s also cut way down on the rushing attempts. What are your thoughts on his upside? Should the Bears keep him or try again in the draft? Since this is not Lions related, please be as frank as you want to be without worry but do try to keep it real.

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Dude will be a starter for his career but never a playoff team. Never anything good.

If he had consistent good coaching he MIGHT have been decent. But hes just so bad.

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OSU QB, mix with Chicago’s QB development history. Stir, sip. Yup…shit.

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I personally don’t like Justin Fields–but then , I never liked Tua–not real big on Love ,

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When I watched that J.T. O’Sullivan breakdown, I was really leaning toward bust. But I’m not sure that is the case. He definitely needs some coaching because he can’t always count on his receivers getting wide open, but he seems like a bright kid who can figure it out. Hence, the poll to see where y’all stand. I hope @Jman will forgive me for intruding on his ground.

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I can share, very solid poll. @stephenboyd57 better take some notes

I think Fields is a baller Top 10 potential.

I see no reason why Lamar & Hurts can do it and Fields can’t.


At best he’s one of those rushing QBs who has two good years where his passing is OK and his rushing is elite before his body breaks down, he can’t run so well any more and his passing alone doesn’t cut it.

At worst he’s a guy who has 9 bad games and 1 wow game.

I really hope he’s good enough for the Bears to pass on a QB in April.


While ur busy creating polls, I’ve been busy training for our cage match @Jman

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Fields is terrible. He is a one read, strong armed but inaccurate QB who will have a few great scrambles or escapes that get youtube clicks, and the rest of the game he is garbage.

The Washington game is more an indictment on Washington’s horrifically bad defense, not some page that was turned or light bulb that went on. Chicago is still a mess, and I am perfectly fine with that.

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You won me over with that Hurts. I never thought much of Hurts. I was leaning between average and top 10 potential. I still think average is more likely but I have to admit I think he has top 10 potential.


He should play a different position


Hurts is doing a great job. But that Eagles offense is completely loaded. Elite Oline, talented WRs, good TE and of course Swift. Not really sure they even have a weakness on offense.


Fair point.

Fields needs help for sure

That dude squats 600 lbs!
Holy Schnikes!

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wait you didn’t list ‘2023 league MVP and future Hall of Famer’

All the off-season pundits would like a word with you

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They’re 1-4. What is he, garbage-time stat champ?

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I don’t mean to hijack this thread, but Stephenboyds kid came out with hair exactly like Mel Kipers and somehow now he wants to fight me.

I don’t get it


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Fields first 3 games against teams that currently have .500 or above record:

QB rating 78, 61, 59, 3 TD, 4 INT 0-3 record

Fields last 2 games against team that currently have sub .500 record:

QB rating 132, 125, 8 TD, 1 INT 1-1 record

Fields is on pace for 3 wins, what he accomplished in each of his first 2 seasons, 3 wins each.

We’ll see this week vs the Vikings.

He’s never beaten Minny or Green Bay but he did beat the Lions in 2021.