Where does Goff rank?

I saw a tweet today that ranked NFL QB’s and it got me wondering, who would you rather have as QB for next season only (can’t project prospect growth down the line)?

These are not in order, but are guys I would absolutely rather have than Goff

  1. Mahomes
  2. Burrow
  3. Allen
  4. Herbert
  5. Stafford
  6. Lamar
  7. Murray
  8. Wilson
  9. Rodgers
  10. Cousins
  11. Watson
  12. Dak
  13. Hurts
  14. Ryan
  15. Carr

After that group, there are a lot of question marks. There are the young QB’s with potential drafted last year (Lawrence, Fields, Lance, Jones, Wilson, Mills) as well as some Goff-like QB’s such as Mayfield, Tannehill, Wentz, Jameis, Jimmy G, Daniel Jones, Tua, and Teddy B. I think there’s an argument to be made that Goff is more desirable than all those QB’s not in the top 15 for this upcoming season. That puts him at #16, which is square in the middle of the average range of QB’s.

I think this leads me to believe that its not as bad as I had thought, and with such a poor rookie class, we have a chance to give Goff one more year to show what he has, and then either roll with him or draft his replacement in 23. So I am against drafting a QB this year and would rather utilize our draft capital to build up the team around Goff (or the QB of the future yet to be drafted).

Using your list as the jumpoff point:

R. Wilson
*Z. Wilson*

If your taking potential out of the equation and just saying for 2022, none of those young guys should be above Goff except maybe Mac Jones. I also would not have Matt Ryan above him either. I think Cousins would be further down my list as well, but still slightly above Goff. Hurts is another guy that could go either way for me.

I will pick up at your 10 spot because the top 9 guys are without question better then Goff.

  1. Watson
  2. Dak
  3. Carr
  4. Cousins
  5. Mac Jones
  6. Jared Goff
  7. Ryan Tannehill
  8. Jalen Hurts
  9. Matt Ryan
  10. Tua
  11. Lawrence

I think Goff’s range is probably 14-18 right now.

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I never put much stock in the talking heads.
11) Goff
I mean, seriously. Analyze the list. Stafford is way above the league MVP? So, Stafford is now that much better than Rodgers?:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
Cousins is that much better than Goff?:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
That list is a dumbasses opinion, and it’s stupid.


Goff is hard to evaluate simply because his WR Corps was beyond awful for almost all of 2021.

I’m in agreement with the OP list except for Hurts. I don’t think Hurts is very good.

I think with adequate talent around him Goff can surpass some of the guys on the original list.


Carr & Goff are basically the same guy, except Goff has more playoff success.

Watson has too many legal issues.
Ryan is going to be 37 years old.
Hurts? What has he accomplished to warrant being ranked over Goff?
One playoff loss where he didn’t play particularly well. Jalen Hurts Playoffs Game Log | Pro-Football-Reference.com


It clearly says this list is not in order. Just listing guys I think are definitely better than Goff. And Cousins is absolutely better than Goff. He just threw for 33 picks and 7 ints. I’ll take that.

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I don’t think Burrow is all that good.

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sorry to disappoint lmao–not.


If you knew how to read, you wouldn’t look so foolish.


Yup - in tha tball park.

I like Carr much better for leadership potential, athleticism, etc.

I feel like the QB that is most like Goff in the NFL is Cousins.
Great when given time, but handles pressure far below average.


33 picks and 7 INTs?

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It all depends on the question.

For next year only, or for the foreseeable future?
Talent only or talent + contract situation?

The least hypothetical would be who do you want for the next 3-5 years making what they’ll likely be making in that time frame.

With that, Goff is pretty high for me. Top 10-ish.

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I’m willing to give Goff another year. With a solid D, solid Oline, a running game and a stud WR, I think he can be ok. Or at least I’m willing to give him another year to prove it. All of the QBs on that list would’ve struggled on the 2021 Lions. We weren’t good and had a shit ton of injuries. I’ve waited more than a half of a century…another year is nothing.

Only thing is what Weeze said awhile back…if we have a rook, chances are he’s not gonna come out slangin’ it in year one.

…So one could argue that it’s gonna be an extra year minimum before serious contention.

Hahahaha 33 TDs!

I actually think Carr and Stafford are the same guy, career wise and stats wise, with the exception of this trade year. Carr could’ve very well taken them to the big game.

Goff is average to me. But the disparity from average to Mahomes is hard to compensate for with other positions. We’re not tied to him, and most winning teams would try to get a top tier guy.

Mediocrity looks good to Lions fans.

Really hard to rank Goff after his 2021 season. He was so bad in the 1st half of the season, sure there were many reasons for that, but then he played pretty well the last 6 games. Again, really hard to rank him.

Once we add to the WR core this offseason, and get Ragnow back, I think we will be able to more accurately assess his ranking.

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Is that a negative attribute?

NFL leader in passing yards and 2nd in MVP vote…

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And the MVP…