Where on the roster can the Lions get better?

Where they could get better in the draft or late FA.
Anything in Green or worse they could get better.
Anything in Yellow or worse is a NEED on the first 2 strings.

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Its in the yellow aka definitely can improve. Below average

And i think they will
Late draft 6/7th round. And/or UDFA
And go after Bets.

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The way i see it OL, DB depth and starting K could easily get better.

Would like to upgrade at WR, DE and LB

Need more game changers on Defense

That is how they get better


OL depth. CB depth. Safety depth. DL depth. WR depth.
We have the best RB room in the league.
You’d be hard pressed to find a better TE room.
We have an outstanding LB room.
ST took a couple hits, but, we should still have one of the top units.

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I agree all but LB.
They are ok. Nothing great. Average across the board.
They could step up big time this year. But from what ive seen they are just ok - good.

We have just had absolute garbage back there for so many years, average looks amazing


Kerby Joseph regressed in 2023 and though Iffy delivered in the latter part of the season, his injury history is scary. Branch is a monster at nickel and the further from the line you normally play him, the less effective he’ll be. I think we’ll draft one safety before Day 3 and we’ll snag a cheap experienced FA backup after the draft.


I would have no problem if we drafted Cooper DeJean in round 1 to replace Kerby.


This could all be true, but hard to assess for 2 reasons

  1. playing behind inferior defensive line play
  2. young and developing
    …I think they will be very good, once we have a little more help for Alim & Hutch
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Outside CB

DE 2

3rd Safety/NB2


Swing Tackle

Future Center

Future DT (McNeil UFA)


Not sure I agree on LB, upgrade sure but not at yellow grade.

JRM and Rodrigo key ST’ers as well.



It might not be a sexy hole, but it’s one we gotta fill

Listen 12 players were on the Pro-Bowl roster.

9 were offense
2 defense
1 ST

So you tell me were the issue lays. The Defense is thin on play makers. It is not only my opinion the league agrees.

Now are those players on the roster already and cooking? Maybe, but the reality is that the defense is lacking on players. The Lions are in the SB if the Safety can catch rather than let balls bounce off his face mask. Or maybe just let the damn ball drop.

I think the players the 2023 defense was lacking has had in upgrade in early FA along with a couple that may be cooking as you put it.
So, with regards to the question of roster getting better in the OP from the draft and late FA, it will be from a couple of areas/positions.
Young players cooking as you put it, taking another step forward such as Martin, Campbell, Branch, Hutchinson.
Draft for starters(this year/next), depth, and ST.
Late FA for depth thinking another DB or DL/OL

WR is instantly addressable as an upgrade.
K = same as WR.
CB is next most eligible, but not as instantly (unless you’re drafting Sauce).
S can be improved, though at depth.
OL depth can be improved.

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I’m a little concerned about SS. Its a great chart, but I would probably set it up with Branch manning the nickel and Robertson starting at outside CB for now. SS is average, I think. Not a ton of PT. Branch could sub out in an injury situation, I guess.

I would really like to get a safety. I was thinking we might be able to sign one of the Seattle safeties as they remain unsigned (Adams or Quandre) if the price is right and we don’t pick one up in the draft. We are competing for a SB after all…

Other than that, I think others have hit the nail on the head…

pardon me, hate to state the obvious…but um we haven’t even had a Preseason game , let alone a draft in 2024, I would guess that you meant 2023.

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That DE position is still the biggest weakness on the team to me, assuming Houston doesn’t get the job back, which I kind of doubt but hope to be wrong.

Corner, we used to have “Big Play Slay” and haven’t had any CB that played well -enough to earn some kind of nickname…I have been waiting for that for a good while now.