Which Detroit Lions players are most overrated?

Who is the most overrated Lion player?

As the dog days of summer continue, for 3more weeks, I don’t recall a topic like this one.
So, article says slow down on Malcolm and Kirby. The article doesn’t say they are bad but not as great as many fans have said. I believe that includes several Den posters when it comes to Malcolm.

So who you got?
Maybe after several names are offered up by posters @Jman , the other guy, can do a poll with the most posted names.

Rodrigo was an awesome feel-good story. He didn’t have the greatest year but he was decent. I think most people who pay attention know that he’s got room to grow and isn’t a sure thing as a primary cog in this defense yet.

Kirby on the other hand…I’m pretty pumped about him. If he can build on what he did last year, he’s going to be…

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I hope I’m wrong, but I’m leaning toward Da Problem.


I thought about him as well.
First three names that came up for me:
J Williams…which was probably an over reaction but…

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I’ll say Jonah Jackson. He’s a good player don’t get me wrong. But he’s not some elite guard like we make him out to be here. And I think he will get paid like one next year in free agency.

But I also thought that about our FA this year Anazalone did. But Evan Brown, Elliott, DJ Chark all did not.

My other pick is Levi Onwazurike. In what world we draft him over Asante Samuel Jr


Or Nick Bolton…

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To view Levi as most over rated means some have actually rated him positively I’m not sure I have seen anyone view him in that manner.
If anything, most view him as BH first, potentially, biggest draft bust which automatically excludes him from overrated going into the season.


Agree sir. It was definitely a jab thrown at Holmes who I think the world of. Nobody is perfect…

…gotta keep it even out here


Rodrigo was the first one I thought of as well.

We’ll see with Houston. I think some of what he does will continue to be hard for certain tackles to adjust to. I’d expect him to continue to be a good situational pass rusher.

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Jameson Williams…will be out of the league by the end of next season


The Okwaras because I rarely hear their names on any given Sunday. WHarris taking up a roster spot.

CJGJ is overrated, IMO, and that’s part of the reason he didn’t get the extension he wanted.

I absolutely love the guy and am glad we signed him for what we did. I think he is a good player and will make an impact. I also love the intangibles he brings.

With that said, he is not a top 5 safety and probably not top 10. He gambles a lot and will get beat a fair amount because of it. The Trevon Diggs or safeties if you will.

I also think Brock Wright is overrated. Some here were acting like he was a legit starting TE pre draft. He is a #3 TE in a good TE room. Jack of all trades, master of bone type of guy.


I remember seeing a comment by Decker saying that we needed to get Houston on the field as he was having problems blocking him in practice. I expect him to be a 10+ sack guy.

Malcolm should be more of a situational LB instead of a full time LB.

Jamo is the one that really scares me as we haven’t seen him produce consistently on the field.


There you go. He has one NFL catch and one NFL carry in what will end up being halfway through his sophomore season. Not to be harsh on the young man, but that isn’t production. That’s one NFL catch and one NFL carry.

With that said, I am not putting him on this list because he doesn’t have a large enough sample-size on the books. His two plays were electric (and should have been a third) and I expect that to continue eventually.

I will go with J Jefferson. I’m well aware none of us think he’s a world beater, but anytime the topic comes up just as many people here want Jefferson as they do Reynolds. And let me stress this part - in my opinion - it’s not even close.

So - on THIS board - I’m going with Jefferson.

If anything, Levi is the most underrated player.
Most expect absolutely nothing from him. If he plays one snap, he’s exceeded expectations.


Not exactly a thrilling career for a high 2nd round pick


I’m probably the most Levi-positive person here and even I would say he’s mostly just a huge question mark at this point. If he can stay healthy and provide some pash rush from the interior even as part of a rotation, I’d be happy at this point.

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Seeing that video of him doing drills, he looks way thicker than from College. Out of college he looked like a DE. Now he looks like a proper DT.

Would love to see him show something this year.


I’ll go with KerJo…many expect him to be an all-pro. I see him as better than average. Jamo next, but I think expectations on him have gone way down. I think most people realize MRod is a rotational piece, so I don’t think he’s overrated anymore.

Well put!

Agree 100% on Rodrigo. He’s good against spread teams but not ideally suited to power teams. There is some upside but he will never have the top end potential of Campbell.

Kirby has upside still as a ball hawk. I think he’s somewhat limited playing the run and could be relegated to more passing downs if we have a better run stuffing option, especially earlier in the game.