While we’re apologizing for things … JAMO


You could argue his speed won us the game.


No one can run with him. When he’s 1 on 1, we need to just throw it out in front of him. He’ll win the race every time


I thought Jamo’s speed was gonna create space for St.Brown/LaPorta underneath…BUT

…it was St.Brown creating the space for Jamo over-the-top.

That CB is a step too slow reacting to Jamo, because his attention was on the All-Pro ARSB.


Jamo puts nfl on notice


Should be a 2nd td and about 50 yards a game in two straight weeks since the bye… like i said all offseason and so far this season, i think he figures it out and is worst case scenario a mike wallace type. So far so good since that bye week, looks to be growing in his role


His other catch went under the radar but was impressive nonetheless. I believe it was on 3rd down where Goff hit him over the middle and Jamo hung on after a big hit.

Kid is developing slower than we would have preferred but at this rate he may be firing on all cylinders by the playoffs.


Been pulling for em.

I am hoping he peaks in last few weeks of season and into playoffs


I don’t think he’ll ever be an 8 catch, 100 yard receiver. But I’m also not sure that’s what this team needs. Instead, he’s a home-run hitter with below average on-base percentage. In weird games like this, you need a guy like that, an X-factor that can change the entire landscape of a game with his speed alone.

His on base % will be just fine once he develops. He’ll never be Amon-Ra from a precision standpoint but he’ll be good enough given the explosiveness.


Still baffles me on why it has been so difficult to get him the ball on East catches. Screens, crossers, etc. let him run away from people.

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Absolutely, as fun as the bombs are those are the types of grabs we need him to make.

Watching Jamo and St Brown dance felt like watching the Lions future

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His post game interview with Danni won me over. He is so excited to be part of this.
That! Alleviates my concerns.


I need someone in my life that looks at me the way Danni looks at whomever she is talking to.


She’s a beauty!

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She is, but after taking questions players are like; “I think she loves me, right? I mean, did you see how she was looking at me? Yeah, she’s into me man. She loves me.” LOL

Joe Namath would absolutely melt. LOL


Joe Namath would probably be on his way to prison.:rofl:


Which is what Jamo spoke about after last week’s game. Ben has already put the receivers on notice that the clear out routes are going to flip to become the primary when teams think they have us figured out. So focus on running the complimentary routes the same way they are going to run the primary route so defenses don’t know the difference.


I can say w/confidence that he won’t be a guy who averages only 12.5 yards per catch. But he absolutely could average 100 yds/game. We have no idea.

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You can see it with Jamo’s body language. He’s locked in and looking more comfortable every game. They interviewed him after the game and he’s Team Jamo.