Who has the biggest bust factor that the Lions could draft round 1?

I believe the Lions will be drafting in the top 10 with their first pick. Regardless if they trade down or not.

Out of the possible players you think we could draft in rounds one and two. Who has the biggest bust factor and why?

In round one:

I don’t see us taking a QB so Tua is out for me.

Simmons is a bit raw and unpolished but I think he has too much athletic ability to be a bust.

Young, Lamb and Jeudy all seem like the safest picks to me.

For me the guy with the biggest bust factor has to be DT Brown. Obviously his poor combine is a concern. But I can’t help but think about what Kerryon Johnson said about him being soft.

Round two:

WR Laviska Shenault has to be in consideration with his slower 40 time and injury history. Not to mention he’s not the best route runner. A WR who lacks speed and isn’t the greatest route runner is enough. Toss in the long list of injuries and I really think he could bust. However I actually like him as a player and how well he runs with the ball in his hands… So …for me he’s not the biggest bust factor.

S Grant Delpit - I’m really torn on this guy and I think he’s a boom or bust type of guy. I believe that his success will greatly depend on the scheme he is put into and what is asked of him as a safety. (Personally I think he’s a bad fit for the Lions) I like safeties with size and range and he has both. However he’s a little lean and tall for a safety and that causes him to play too upright. Which gets him ran over by bigger WR’s. He also frequently takes poor angles. This all contributes to his poor tackling ability. I’m not sure that this can be easily corrected. I think if he lands on the right team he could have some success but on the wrong team he could be a liability. Ultimately if he can’t improve his tackling abilities then he will fail as a safety.

Let’s hear yours!

Boss Bailey was pretty athletic…just sayin.


I think you nailed it with Brown. Simmons is 2nd on my list for potential 1st round busts. I think Shenault is a good call in the 2nd. Probably Uche and Anae with less-than-ideal traits could also bust as 2nd rounders, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting Anae. Our pick in the 2nd is looking pretty high for him and he probably won’t make it to the 3rd, but that’s another conversation.

Jeff Okudah.

Reason? Patricia sucks at getting his DL to pressure the QB. I posted the chart a week or so ago. He refuses to send players to rush the QB. As a result, the CB and LBs have much more pressure to cover for longer periods of time. I don’t care how good a secondary is–give a QB all day, and people will get open.

Okudah has a real shot at being labeled a bust (maybe through no real fault of his own) as a result.


I disagree on Delpit. I think he bangs it out of the park. I wonder if the guys at the end of the draft have been talking him down to get a shot at him. Angles can be taught. I remember running them until my feet hurt and I could barely breathe. You learn them or you run forever. If I could look him in the eye I could tell you for sure.

Bust factors on several, Tua, Love, Swift, Becton. I’m wary of Patrick Queen.

I’m dead sure on about 12-15 first round contributors.

Before I read who you picked, that was my immediate thought as well.

Cheap shot based on subject of post Lighten Up :dizzy_face:

I think you listed some I hope we avoid I disagree I think Delpit should be on your list

I don’t think Delpit will be drafted anywhere near the top 10 of the draft. The only way Detroit drafts him in the 1st round is if they trade back or trade up in the 2nd.

Any player you have to change positions for or project in a place that they did not play on the regular or if you confine a player that played multiple …

Of the top 5 talents DE Young , CB Okudah and OT Wills the safest .

QB Burrow lacking any elite level physical talent… who could be Tom Brady or Chad Pennington …Chad as a top #5 pick would be a bust .

QB Tua …Even minus the hip injury he lacks the size and escape ability to stay healthy in College . In the NFL & against what will be far better , stronger, faster Defenses he opens himself up to being hammered and will be hammered , the Arm Talent is not great and the elite tools he had available to him making him look better then he really was …add on the huge "? "that he will ever be the same pre injury & Tua has bust written all over him

LB/S Simmons not being a bust , but the potential to not be special because he is confined to a single position and not allowed to freelance …

DT Brown I cant see as a bust but, could see him not getting home as a DT and not being a guy that slides real well … being another Snacks type player or one that is neutralized against mobile QB’s… an elite run stuffer at #3 is a waste …

Any DE not named Chase Young have potential bust in a trade down or at #35…Pick your poison for me it’s

DE K’Lavon Chaisson …LSU DE’s have been hot garbage. Injuries plenty and production just okay for an athletic monster and what are you going to really get in the NFL …?

Pennington would’ve been a terrific NFL QB if he didn’t mess up his arm.



I think Becton is the biggest boom bust type out of the elite guys.

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Chad would have been better had he not messed up his arm/shoulder I agree , but messing up an arm that was at best average to below avg… is what killed his career . He had nothing to spare or lose …Burrow is in the same boat

Definitely had a fringe arm to begin with. Smart player though

Delpit was my bust for round 2 by the way.

You guys are bumming me out with all this Brown stuff.

Well I’ll try and help. Kerryon did say that based on 2017. However in 2020 the top olineman at the combine were asked who the hardest guy to block in the SEC was and Brown was the guy most often chosen by far, as the hardest. Im confident in Brown being at worst a Pro Bowl DT. He played all across the Dline including DE. He has the highest floor IMO of Dlineman outside Young.

Also. He’s been compared to Suh. I’ve seen that laughed at. I find it to be a apt comparison. They both base their game off power. Brown isn’t as agile, but let’s be honest as well. Outside Suhs rookie yr he wasn’t a double digits sack guy. His dominance was just like Browns, demanding double teams and still collapsing the pocket. Creating opportunity for others, preventing the QB from having a pocket to step into, and good vs the run. They make the entire unit better. Donald’s best yr, he had Suh. Suh was never Donald never close. Brown isn’t a Donald either, he is very similar to Suh in what each does.

My pick for bust in Rd 1, Tua hands down. In a brief college career to have 2 ankle surgeries and hip surgery does not bode well in a league that plays even bigger and faster.


Grant Delpit is a stud . The top Safety in this draft class and it’s not close… Would be a steal at #35 (I don’t think we are looking at Safety near that low) …
One of my favorite players in the entire 2020 draft .

Delpit going into the 2019 season was considered an easy top ten pick this up coming draft…some had him as a top 5 candidate… his tape from 2017 and specifically 2018 was so damn good …
Then 2019 came , injuries early that were more significant then reported before the season started …Delpit missed so much time leading up to week 1 …and then LSU moved him around so much when the regular season started , blowout wins limiting how he and when he was used compared to 2017-2018 and then had a bad high ankle sprain in late October against Auburn … He was so limited late in the season a shell of the player that he was on tape in 2018.

He was not near 100% all season and yet in the 3 games that mattered most to end his College career he did not miss a single tackle, 12 tackles (8 of them solo) , 2 Sacks and a Forced fumble …
I’ll be honest here I barely knew who he was going into the 2018 College season but with watching the games I did in 2018 and all the tape I did scouting Greedy Williams… Grant Delpit popped out all the time he was great, which made me focus on him going into this season and had me go back & watch 2017 Delpit …

I think he created some bad habits when he suffered a broken collar bone going into his sophomore season with how he changed how he wrapped up and starting hitting rather then tackling with the plates implanted in his collarbone .

With the lack of visits and pro days , medicals etc the tape is great on Delpit as a whole , not working out at the combine… it will hurt him but tape is everything this kid is special I wish we were in more of a need at Safety. I want no part of him on any NFC North Team.

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