Who is a 'Brad Holmes' draft pick?: Diving into Brad's pick history

Great OP, and great post here.

This has been my jam….

Trade down with LV, Carolina, or Tennessee…. I would take merely a 2nd from Carolina, or 3rd and late 5th from Vegas, or 2nd and a pick in 2024 from titans.

Curious how these guys did in PFF-

Trade #6 and 6th for #11, #41 and 5th with Titans who need to leap LV and Carolina.

  1. Brian Branch- I couldn’t take him at #6, but getting him here with an extra 2nd, and moving our 6th into a 5th feels perfect. I think he’s this years Jalen Pitre but even more polished in coverage.

  2. Bijan Robinson- I’m sorry, but if you can get 1600 yards total offense and 14 plus tds for 2.7M APY, you do it. He makes play action work, and Jared Goff is best off play action.

  3. D Witherspoon- he was a beast in man to man. I think he will be the D Slay of this draft. Some think he’s grabby, but I think he’s effectively aggressive. I doubt he lasts this long when drsft comes around. I would take E Forbes here too… Either one

  4. John Michael Schmitz - I love him. Big mauler that could play C or RG…. Love him. Completes the OL and saves us 5M next year and 9.5M in 2024 at RG

  5. Calijah Kancey- he’s the pad level penetrator this defense needs to get pressure up the middle.

  6. AT Perry- Big… Smooth target in the red zone that will run and jump well at combine.

  7. Ventrell Miller- versatile LB with nice range in coverage. Injuries as junior may let him slip this far.

  8. DTR- I love him as a backup whose got enough snap in his arm to make most throws, the play action roll out game will be deployed easily, and he will pick up first downs with his legs. Perfect backup-

  9. Jaxson Kirkland- coming from a pass first scheme, he will have the focus on pass blocking, that you need in a backup OT. He’s got enough point of attack power that he’s also played a bit of RG.

  • when I think about what our offense would like like…

QB: Goff, Sudfeld, DTR
RB: Bijan, Swaggy, Swift
WR: Jamo, ASB, AT Perry, Reynolds, Raymond, TK
TE: Wright, Mitchell, Zylstra

LT: Decker, Kirkland
LG: J Jackson, Kraemer
C: Ragnow, Michael Schmitz
RG: Michael Schmitz, Awosika
RT: Sewell, Kirkland

  • I think Perry fills a bit of what we lose in Chark as a 6’5” burner with 34” arms. His 15 tds as a junior was a feat.

  • John Michael Schmitz and Bijan compete the offense

And our D….

BDE: Cominsky, Paschal
3T: Kancey, Rankins/Levi O
NT: McNeill, Buggs, Benito Jones
Edge: Hutch, Da Problem, Romeo

LB: AA, V Miller
LB: Rodrigo, Barnes

NB: Branch, Iffy
CB: C Sutton, Witherspoon
CB: Okudah, Jacobs, W Harris
FS: K Joseph, Iffy
SS: Walker, A Amos

I added C Sutton to get a vet CB in there, A Amos in case Walker needs extra time as a cheaper than Elliott option, and S Rankins on a 2-3 year.

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Very nicely put. I don’t think he knew Levi’s injury issues when drafted. I think he went for biggest upside most aaron donald twitch guy in the draft.

For this year, I expect a guard in the top 5 picks.


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If this happened, I’d be ecstatic… except for the Cox pick… we are so loaded at edge right now, the dude wouldn’t have a chance except practice squad

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It was a late round flyer on a guy who did pop off some on tape when I was watching Gervon Dexter

Jaren Hall in round 2 seems unlikely to me….
considering Holmes just publicly declared Goff to be his guy.

I don’t see a QB pick before the 4th round any time soon.

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I’m gonna go way out on a limb here—I know , some risky shit…and say : Right Guard.

How about Kiper… projecting Kancey at #10 overall???

I saw that, and for as much as I love Kancey, that’s bonkers. Didn’t he watch the Cincy-Buffalo game? Where another small, short-armed iDL who went top ten got absolutely demolished in the run game? Because I can guarantee NFL FOs did, and it’s gonna hurt Kancey’s stock. Ed Oliver is the closest thing in the league to him. Donald has above-average arm length, even long for his frame. Kancey won’t have that advantage.


That is my first rd but being honest I am not stuck on who at 6 I am taking best CB at 18 fills a major need.

Unlike many here i don’t see DT as a pick at 6 I am normally against trade down but i would like a trade down small one.

I know many want a DT like Carter I want to see just what his true weight an Height is. I would point out to posters that Cominski is very close to Carter size an right now likely stronger being a pro. Now we do have to resign him.

6-5 285 Is Cominski is his size he is bigger than Carter we will see at combine. size

I am having a problem with pick 6

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I agree, this would be the year for a trade down at 6 especially if some of the top QBs fall and other teams are enamoured with them. Of course it depends on who is available for them to pick at 6 and if a guy they like falls to them here.

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Carolina needs a QB! 9th pick for our 6th. They have two 2nd rounders in 23 as well as two fourth rounders. Give us #9, a 2nd and 4th in 23 and a 3rd in 24. Not sure how the points play out, but the talent difference @9 vs. 6 is minimal if the Anderson and Carter are gone.


Yep, I agree with you 100% here. If Carter/Anderson are gone and a QB is still on the board, I would be hoping hard for a team wanting to try and move up for them.

This regime has never been faced with that sort of decision
Would they have the balls to pick the QB & Trade him?

…I think they would.
Super bold people.