Who is your random "I will never root for them" team

Before you answer, there are obvious choices that don’t count

1)Any NFC North team (and let’s throw in the Bucs for those of us over 35)

  1. Any five ringer (Steelers, Patriots, Cowboys)

So who is your random team you just can’t root for (as long as they aren’t playing the teams above). Mine is Colts, for the random reason that I have an obnoxious Facebook friend that is a Colts fanatic.

I literally hate these 3 teams and their fans.

CHI, GB and DAL. All three of these teams and their fans make life unbearable when they win.

I know you said no NFCN teams but in my mind it’s a topic that needed the perspective.

Outside of those 3. I’m not an Oakland or Philly fan. Mainly because of they’re crappy fans.

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I can cheer for anyone besides Chicago


I can’t root for Tampa because I don’t like Winston. I also have a strange aversion to the Redskins. I think its mostly because of the owner, but I also didn’t like them when they were good with Gibbs.

Oakland for sure. They are always in some kind of brawl, tossing opposing fans over rails, throw garbage on the field, fight security, etc etc etc

Sorry, you told us the rules, but living in Wisconsin it is the Packers, whiney Erin Rodgers and anyone that has ever considered themselves a cheesehead (that’s the dumbest shit I have ever seen…well its up there anyways).

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Yeah, the only reason I skipped the Packers was I thought it was too obvious. There are few things in all of life I hate more than the Packers. Oddly I can root for the Vikings. (But not the Bears)

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I hate the Saints. I have nothing but respect for Drew Brees as a player and a person but beyond that…hate the team.

During the BountyGate years they were the dirtiest team in football and took cheap shots every time we played them at CJ. For all the show the NFL makes about player safety and all the rule changes for player safety you have Greg Williams on tape saying “if you take out the head the body will follow” and shit like that and of course paying bounties for taking other teams players out of the game. If the NFL was serious about player safety Greg Williams would have been banned from the NFL for life for coaching that shit.

Beyond that…Bears and Packers and Cowboys are the teams I really hate. I lived in Minny for 4 years and the people in Minny are some of the nicest people I have ever met and absolutely nothing like Bears and Packer fans even though they love their Vikings so I got nothing bad to say about them other than I want us to break their hearts 2x a year.

Saints, Bears, Packers and Cowboys are the teams I hate

Considering the criteria, Seattle it is because of the coach.

Packers…by a MILE. It would be that way without the fake victories, but that amplifies it, for me.

The packers! Definitely the packers.

Geeze, yes, everybody hates the Packers, guys! I know, I know. That is why they and the other obvious choices were eliminated straight out. Play by the rules! I bet Packers’ fans play by the rules. Maybe that is why they get nice things.

Besides the obvious FTP. I hate the Steelers and the Cowboys both teams are chalked full of arrogant loud mouth fans anywhere across the country. I have no respect for them unless they’re local because that’s just being a fan on easy mode like a team some chick feigned interest for to be apart of the guys.

Probably doesn’t help that the Steelers won a SB, in our house.

Packers and Cowboys, in that order. Don’t care if any other team wins. The Bears should be there, but they don’t cause the same hate as those two do.

New England, Green Bay, Chicago, Minnesota, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, and Dallas.

NFC North and Cowboys/Patriots

Besides that I more dislike players over the years so I didnt like the team

The 49ers with Aldon Smith after the handshake gate game. 49ers fans saying how they annihilated our team/etc

The mark “sanchize” Sanchez jets. All the fans claiming they got the best qb the sanchize

Peak eli manning and the giants. I dont mind them now but never liked eli

Dallas every day of the week

GREENBAY …Dallas & Seattle

Seattle hate = Shawn Springs and we get Westbrook. GREENBAY (Holmgren) he goes to Seattle and steals Shaun Alexander right from under us ,takes Hutchinson and leaves us Backus