Who plays in Final Pre-season game?

Okay - the 1’s in game 1 played only a series?

game 2 - the 1’s did not play at all.

game 3 - ???

I have no idea what MCDC will do. But, if I’m in charge I play the 1’s the entire 1st half. Goff needs the work. I don’t think the OLine needs the work, the TE’s…probably don’t need a ton of work. but the WR’s and RB’s it wouldn’t kill them.


I doubt, with a few exceptions, see any of the ones play and definitely not Goff and he shouldn’t.
Goff played a little in game one, plenty of reps vs Indy during the week and he is good.

Where there is still a position up for grabs, cb, or a young guy needs more experience, lb, is the exception.


There is a snownballs chance in hell that Goff plays this sunday, especially with our backup situation. I am betting we see the same players we saw last game, and same players get sat (all 1st string offense and most of the 1st D).


It’s a different strategy the Lions are using for sure. Mahomes played an entire half in game 2 and looked in mid-season form. Our guys could be rusty for the start of the season.

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Plus the starters got a lot of work in with the joint practice…

I think they may play but not for long imho

If you could 1000% guarantee that no one would get injured, the starters would play a quarter, maybe a half. There is no such guarantee. They won’t see the field as a unit.

You might get a player or two who forcefully requests/demands to get a few reps, that’ll be it. Out of 22 starters on offense and defense I put the over/under at 1.5 . I’d bet $100 on the under.

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I think we see a the ones in for one series of downs.


SIX DEUCE is gonna be the MVP of this game.

He’s gonna murder 'em.

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I would take the over as i think both okudah and rodrigo get some burn and that they will be week 1 starters. But not saying that it will be much more than that.


It’ll be the backup bowl again! Don’t see the starters playing at all.

For me, 50/50 in one drive and no more than a full Qtr

2 drives max for the starters

I’m going one series for each side of the ball.

Seems like a fit here from a new somewhat duplicate thread by @detroit1811 1811

August 22, 2022 1:46 pm ET

Lions quarterback Jared Goff’s preseason is over. Coach Dan Campbell declared that Goff will not play in the team’s final preseason matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.

“He’s not gonna talk me into it,” Campbell joked in his pre-practice press conference on Monday.

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Goff also sat out the second preseason game, a 27-26 win over the Colts in Indianapolis. That game followed two intense days of joint practices where Goff played extensively. No. 16 executed a fantastic opening drive in the first preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons and has not played since.

Campbell did note that other starters are expected to play. He also indicated that the Steelers will play their starters “about a half,” according to Campbell’s conversation with Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin. The Lions will match that, per Campbell.

When asked if Tim Boyle or David Blough would get the start, Campbell indicated that Boyle was the likely starter but it’s yet to be determined. Blough and Boyle are in a fierce competition to be Goff’s primary backup.

I’d have lost a $100 I guess.

All I know is that hopefully I only have to watch our backup quarterbacks play one more game this season.


I hope Campbell knows what he’s doing. 3-13-1 typically doesn’t earn the preseason easy street treatment.

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I hope Campbell knows what he’s doing. 3-13-1 typically doesn’t earn the preseason easy street treatment.



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I don’t want Goff behind our 2nd unit OL.

We lost Decker and Ragnow last year and Big V is gimpy. I don’t want to lose those guys in pre season either.

Thusly, I want to see more of his fiancee’, less of Goff


His fiancée is likely better than our backups.

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