Who was worse?

Alright, apologizes for rehashing the past. Maybe I shouldn’t, but…

Marinelli or

First thought - must be Marinelli. But think about it:

Patricia won some nice games.
#Beat the Pats (although it was a gift from BB)
#Won in Miami and Phoenix, nice road wins. #
#And can we agree he took over a better team then Marinelli?
#But this guy tore the team apart - he was the problem in the lockerroom.

Marinelli -
#sure, he sucked, 0-16 right?
#but I understand the team loved him. (is this correct?)

I vote say Patricia. Sure, Marinelli was an idiot, but Patricia I hate.

Am I right?


Marinelli was a solid dude who was in over his head to begin with as a HC, even before coaching a roster that was lovingly assembled over the previous 5 years by Matt Millen. He may not have ever been a “good” HC but starting in a hole, blindfolded, with both hands tied behind your back, it’s hard to really get a clear sense.

Patricia was just a douchebag who gutted a decent roster to soothe his gigantic ego. Eff that guy.


@REMRebound likes to get in my head and post exactly what I’m thinking. :+1: :+1:


Same → @REMRebound is correct

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As a coach? Rod. Great guy though.


Rod Marinelli won 7 games with Jon Kitna at QB… and his leading WR was Shaun McDonald.

Patricia couldn’t more than 6 games with Stafford at QB… in his prime.


I hate them both but Patricia is on another level. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen anyone do a shittier job at anything but still retain a King Kong sized ego. What an asshole. I wouldn’t sit down with him over a free beer. Did I mention he’s an asshole?


Patricia was worse because he had far more talent to work with.


because fat Pat had no idea what he was doing as a NFL HC.

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Rod Marinelli made bizarre comments that made no sense about Hostess Twinkies.

Matt Patricia, on the other hand, just ate a lot Hostess Twinkies.


As said, Marinelli was in over his head. He did his best, but it was a disaster.

Fatty. Well he came in and destroyed the team. Chased away key prime players. Set the franchise back a year for every year he coached. Blew the cap with the help of his besty. Totally clusterfucked the organization.

Wanna make yourself even madder about Fatty? How would this defense look with Slay and Diggs back there?

New England deserves everything they get from hiring that fat bastard. I hope they lose every game now. That fat clown doesn’t deserve to be in the NFL.


I liked evey post in this thread. I would sit down with FMP over a beer just to see if i could make him punch me or cry by talking hours of shit!

I would love to see a MMA cage match between the two!

Can you imagine. Rod vs a bear part deux

Marinelli was a nice human being and actually a good positions coach. Some guys just aren’t meant to be HEAD COACHES.

Patricia is just a piece of shit.

I think that covers it…


Maranelli won 7 games with Jon Kitna and an inferior roster. Patricia maxed out at 6 wins with a better roster and Matt frickin Stafford. I will take it a step further. Matt has had 4 NFL coaches in his career. Matt Patricia is the only one that never won double digit games with Stafford. He topped out at 6 vs 10, 11 and 12 for the other 3 guys.


What was that? I couldn’t quite hear ya, but I agree.

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Topped out?

The asshole only won 13 total over 3 seasons. Starting with a playoff ready roster.

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I think its okay to hate Matt Patricia and never let it go. He is unique in that regard.