Why wouldn't a team just trade up to 1

if a team really wants qb why wouldn’t they just trade up to the first pick and then they know they get player they want and not taking the chance someone jumps them

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I mean, the simple answers are:

The Jags took Lawrence last year, so they aren’t taking any of these QBs at #1…so #2 costs less to move up to.


And I don’t think any of these QB’s are worth trading up for.

With no clear gotta have prospects this year probably wouldn’t be much difference in cost between 1 or 2 and going to 1 you would know you could get your guy


i was just talking about all these post were peaple may think teams want to trade with det

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I think it’s a sound argument. The Jags could well trade their pick after someone trades for ours. If you’re dead set on one guy (who shall not be mentioned) the logic is sound. But we really, really wanted to beat Jordan Love. It was important.

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Yeah, but the key to those posts is that the Lions would have extra picks for the poster to mock. What good would it do a Lions mock drafter if someone traded up to #1?

Use your brain.

Cost more if Jags want Hutch and know trading back means Detroit takes him at #2. Now if Jags like somebody who could be there at 3-4-5 and that team wants to leapfrog Detroit than of course it would make more football sense, but not exactly more business sense in the short term not being able to market another #1OA.


1 maybe the jags dont want to trade or want more than the lions. 2 there is no risk jags take your qb. 3 maybe there is an existing offer when the guy is available and the lions are on the clock that way they dont have to go to 1. 4 lions could be giving it away for lower than market value

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Use your brain really. Yes i understand writers trying to get clicks. I dont post very often mostly read good and bad just to see what fans have to say about lions

Doctor Love is actually agreeing with you, Detfan. He just forgot to turn his “Sarcasm Alert” on.

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LOL. That was supposed to be over-the-top sarcasm… your original point is spot-on.


Thanks i see alot of post where some peaple are just being a ass

I was just being an ass.

Just not to you.

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Nothing is real until the Jags make their pick. Brad will be prepared for all of the easily visible possibilities. If there’s interest and a halfway reasonable lowball offer, he’ll take it, IMO.

Carolina seems almost a virtual lock to take a QB at No. 6 overall given Tepper’s desire for a “star” QB and the fact that Darnold didn’t work out.

Presumably, Atlanta (with Mariota on a short term deal), and Seattle (which isn’t going to go into 2022 with Drew Lock as the starter), would be two candidates with both the draft ammunition and incentive to move ahead of Carolina.

If the Jaguars are locked into a particular player, then No. 2 might be the destination for ATL & Seattle to get ahead of the other for the QB they want. Willis is from ATL and he also resembles the Seahawks former signal caller in some respects.

If either trades up only to No. 3 or 4, that gives the other team the opportunity to move ahead of them.

Anyway I view ATL & SEA to be the Lions best chance, albeit small, to move down.


Could also mean that Carolina would be willing to move up to secure their guy, if they have one.

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I’m with you on this. If people are convinced that other teams are desperate enough to trade up for willis i see absolutely no reason they wouldn’t simply trade with Jacksonville to jump ahead of us. It literally makes no sense how people are convinced that hyping willis to Detroit at 2 helps US trade down. It would simply force a team to jump ahead of us.

I think it’s a bit of cognitive dissonance here at play. People just talking themselves into things. The odd thing is the extra lengths they go to to try to make it make sense.

If I’m missing something I’m open to it. But have yet to see a rational angle.

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You never really know what a particular team is gonna do but if I make my best guess teams may trade up with the 10-20 range

Because Jacksonville has a QB. They’re not taking another. Only a team that’s wants Hutch or Ickey would spend the extra capital to go to #1.
Anything is on the table for Detroit, since our number one target is expected to be gone. We’re a wildcard. If a team wants Willis, we’re the lesser expensive to deal with.

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