With a decent QB Dallas wins

Jerry wants a SB bad. Brady in a sign a trade deal for Prescott.



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I watched niners all season

Sue to consistency
If I were betting

I’d put money on niners in the matchup due to defensive pressure and linebacker play

That’s before considering how niners offense would perform vs lions defense too.

But that doesn’t mean that’s how I’ll see it next year or coming seasons
As it usually takes a season or two for teams to over take those at the top


I think that’s cherry picking

In my opinion actually

Cece lb covered by Warner is advantage lamb to go get it

It took a heck of a Play by Warner without knowing how Dak read was pre snap

But going to your all pro wideout
Even if covered by all pto linebacker
Seems to be going to a horse that got you there

On Lions and Goff for example, I’m also of opinion Jameson could’ve gone up and adjusted to the deep ball that got knocked away because the QB under pressure is giving the star a chance to make a play.

I think Dan O over looks that in his analysis of this one play

But maybe he liked throwing to Pettigrew on crucial third and short play instead of drawing it up for Calvin.

For me , unless it works going elsewhere , I’d prefer the play go to Calvin.
That’s how I see the play above

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Fair points.

I don’t think we were imagining Detroit beating SF so much as Dallas beating SF with better QB play.

It’s interesting seeing commentary from other NFLers in his Tweet. It’s also interesting hearing they’ve struggled with hots all season.