Witness: Aqib Talib started fight that led to shooting of coach | wfaa.com

Well, that should end his broadcasting career.


Strapped as a coach at a youth football game, and you blow holes in a guy in front of his kid and a football team?


Aqib is done and is gonna get sued in civil court by the family.


Really, really, really REALLY, reeeaaaally horrible decision-making. WTH, man?
Meeting your needs in an unhealthy way, or what? This is what being excessively significance and certainty driven will get ya. Tough stuff.

THIS….this is just fucking despicable

I’m with Wease….how in the hell do you take a gun to a youth football game?? I mean make it make sense??


And this behavior for involved in shootings was there. Article shows multiple times these two were around this type of activity and you know it will catch you sooner or later……


This isn’t the first incident that Aqib and his brother have gotten involved with gun violence then you hear stuff like “Well, it’s The Hood, that’s just a normal day in the hood, it is what it is”. No… “It is what it is” should never be acceptable no matter what the “culture” is. This guy should never see the light of day again and Aqib’s broadcasting career should be done.


So, is any football game or any sporting event that important that fists need to fly and guns got to be ablazin?
What a sick joke.
Stupid people doing their stupid things.
America needs more guns to protect the innocent!!
Uh-huh …


Yup - I’ve said this a TON of times.
I often hear people saying things like, “This isn’t my country.”
Just a handful of people getting together and doing incredibly stupid shit!
There are 333 MILLION people here.
Compare the levels of dumb-assery to the # of humans.
We’re doing better than ppl think.

We will never fix 100% of it, but we damn sure can cut it down by 90-95%.

When I see stuff like this, it reminds me that I need to step up and do more in the world.


Life in The Hood my friend

Pfft …
Walking around with a gun yields this kind of garbage
People who have no self control should not choose to carry lethal weapons.
Ah well, another needless death and another asshole about to get reamed in prison.


To be fair, it is Texas, so there’s probably plenty of guns there. But yeah, how, just how do people snap at a kids football scrimmage like that is just unfathomable to me.
And those poor kids, like traumatized for life.

And really, who thinks Aqib or his brother lives in the hood anymore?

Just a shame.


Oh I agree. I’m just saying that was the reason Talib’s brother was strapped at a youth football game, it’s not unusual in those neighborhoods (and it’s Texas) and it’s a shame that it’s an accepted thing in that culture.


To be clear, it was Aqib’s brother who was carrying the gun and doing the shooting, at least as far as I’ve seen. I’m not sure how you can hold a guy responsible for his brother’s actions.

You can take a guy out of the trailer park, but you can’t always take the trailer park out of the guy. I’m sure it’s the same thing with inner city mindset.

I think the odds of Yaqub Talib legally owning and carrying a gun are really, really low.

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But if he was the one to start the fight and at youth game. it Makes him partly responsible, He showed his ass and things got out of control and someone lost there life senselessly. He should have been in control of himself maybe if he doesn’t start the fight no one loses there life. He was a star in the NFL and his brother ovisly looks up to him, instead of starting the fight he should of been the one stoping it. He might not have pulled the trigger but he is part of the cause to what happened maybe even the main cause.

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did Aquib pull the trigger or his brother?

Don’t think I’ll be volunteering to ref any little league games anytime soon. This seems to be a common occurrence, albeit usually not involving a gun. I foresee the instances that do involve a gun increasing though.

We simply can’t have nice things.

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What The F**!
These guys running around shooting people over bullshit?
The reporter said they’ve been involved in multiple shootings over the years.
It’s horrible that a man lost his life over crazy adults at a kid’s football game.
I normally strive to see all sides but the video just shows how insane this is.
I have kids. They might play sports. This story has nothing to do with NFL and everything to do with people running around with untreated traumatic stress and nihilistic regard for life.


Yeah but he didn’t tell his brother to shoot him or hand him the gun. He can’t be held responsible for his brothers actions. Now, if he drove his brother away after or possibly before, maybe he’s an accessory after the fact, idk how the law works in that case.

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