Would you be interested in Joey Bosa?

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Whats his opinion on kneecaps? Tasty or not on his thanksgiving plate?

I thought I read that he’s a dick? And not in a fun way like Ceedy Duce.

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Ok I couldn’t find anything to backup what I had heard, so I’m down for Bosa. Would remind me of when we brought in KVB and he was a monster for a season or two.

Not sure what I’d give up though … he’ll turn 29 this summer.

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I know it’s just an article he was interviewed for but he says the right stuff and this type of attitude MAY fit if it is genuine

“The personal goals and the personal accolades, I feel like, as you get older, just don’t quite mean as much,” he said. “Obviously, winning Defensive Player of the Year would be an honor and all of that, but going out there with your team, with your friends, with your brothers that you’ve built the connection with, I think is a much more lasting accomplishment.”

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No thanks. Injury history and big huge contract. Plus giving up picks? Would MUCH rather sign a tip tier DT.


He has a total of 9 starts in the last 2 years. That would be concerning given his age.


It would have to be a renegotiation deal to come to a contender like the Lions
No way a team is picking up his existing contract IMO

If they could send/swap a late round pick and get him on a one or two year, team friendly deal, I’d do it. But something tells me there will be teams willing to overpay in picks and cap.



Look at his injury history, games played and then look at his cap hit and or AAV
2024 36m cap hit
2025 32m

Now you know why the Chargers are listening on him.


Oooof…Kyle Vandenbosch.

Hey Kyle, just run straight up the field 3 yards past the pocket and never look back!!!

KVB had a great work ethic and was a decent player but 4, 8, and 3.5 sacks a year for us. He was an average NFL DE…he just seemed better compared to the players around him.

I would be shocked if a team took on his contract AND gave up a 4th or better for him given the last 2 years of injury. Couple that and the fact the Chargers are trying to deal Mack and Bosa to relief some cap space ($74M for the two), buyers market on both players IMO


Both him and Mack

Top cap hits on the team and neither is giving the return on that type of investment.
Bosa has a $15M base contract, but the Chargers can save $22M in cap space if they trade him before June 1

Both players are gone if some just offers a late round pick IMO

Can’t they just renegotiate their contracts if either or both wanted to stay?

They can but I think the prorated bonus ($14.6M) is going to hit no matter what (difference between Dead cap and cap savings). So you figure Bosa is still going to want some good base salary and that will put them in the mid $20M range still for someone that has only less than half the games last 2 years.

Interesting what the thinking is out there now that Harbaugh is there.

The trade compensation would be minimal. They are in a bind as he isn’t worth the 22mil to keep with his recent injuries, but he has a roster bonus due on the 3rd day of the new league year. Once they pay that bonus, I believe they have to eat that money if traded later, @DeadStroke can correct me if I’m wrong on that.

I wouldn’t even want Bosa for 22mil with his injury history, and he has zero incentive to waive his bonus.

Wouldn’t be surprised if he was outright released.


Well yeah !!!

With that contract, he gonna be a UFA before the 3rd day of the new league year.

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