Would you be ok with paying Goff 35 million a year to win one playoff game?

Would you be ok with paying Goff 35 million to win us one playoff game?..not a Superbowl but just one playoff game.

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If that’s your ceiling… your expectation for the QB is he can get you 1 playoff win, then the part of the sports world that says we should draft his replacement is right.


How many play off games has Daniel Jones won?
Good QB’s cost and no guarantees come with it.
Stafford was the highest paid QB in the league at one point, and he never won a playoff game for us.
But, you guys keep moving the sticks. Soon he’ll have to win 3 Super Bowls to be worth $35 million, when the leagues average QB’s are making $45m.
I know, some you love bitching about riding the carousel.



Not about Goff in particular, but while hypotheticals like this are fun, they aren’t actionable.

You tell me we can build a roster that can compete for Super Bowls regardless of playoff win count and I don’t care who the quarterback is.


We might win the Super Bowl this year!
Then what? Pay him, or will he be too old, or too blonde, or too tall.
They act like he hasn’t won playoff games in 3 different seasons, but, not since the media duped them into thinking he was shit.


We might, and we should expect to be competitive.


Who cares about postseason wins, what’s Goff’s 40 time and vertical?


If average QB money gets us a play off win then im cool with it. If you think he is over paid then you are wrong.


If they win the division, win a playoff game and dare I say even win the divisional round, he will demand 50 and I’d pay him.

Guy is a top 10. Top 3 in the NFC. QBs don’t grow on trees. I’m sorry but rookie contract-schmookie contract.

I’m not dismissing a QB on a rookie deal on the team. I’m dismissing the idea of that as a starter at this current point of where they are at.



Hell yez! Its not my $.


The problem is, when we have a chance at taking a QB at or above Goff’s skill for a cap friendly contract can we pass?

Love Goff in this offense, but I can’t justify paying him Daniel Jones money when he isn’t a top 5 QB (neither is Jones). That deal would cripple this team, when Goff succeeded only with this OL and system.

We have a lot of extensions due soon, plus 2 more first round players, we could be looking at cap hell soon. It’s something to ponder, but I trust this front office

They grow from the loin of their mother!!!

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I can’t tell if you’re agreeing with me or not, but I think you are so cheers :joy:


I’ll have the Space Special!

The question was posed to shut down other options. Most would opt for another option, I think : )


And you won’t win a championship with Daniel Jones nor Jared Goff. They are system QB’s, they are good QB’s but when shit goes wrong and you need them to lift the team and make plays when everything is crumbling they’ll shit themselves. Stafford actually has the •IT• factor how many times have we seen him deliver when everything was going south. Like McVay said when he acquired Stafford “I think the thing that really separates the great from the good QB’s are in known passing downs, when defenses have the advantage and know you’re throwing it with 2 minutes end of the game coming from behind that’s when it’s the toughest for the QB and that’s when I think Matthew stafford at his best” you can’t really put stafford in the same convo with Jones and Goff come on bro.

Of course Goff is solid and we can win with him but we gotta stop fooling ourselves when shit gets real and he lays a egg in the playoffs you’ll probably be happy that he had a top 7 year and won a playoff game… the goal is to win a chip, it’s not about being good and making it to playoffs only. Things change quick, we have a top 5 offensive line and building something special, and Ben Johnson is literally up with shanahan and Reid in creating open recievers damn straight he’s supposed to put up the numbers we invested top 5 last year in the offense… we’re talking about can this guy win the champion ship. Do you feel comfortable with him down 4 2 minutes left at San Fran to go to the chip… I don’t I wish I’m proven wrong but I’ve seen this story before and I’ve seen him get flustered and choke in the big moments… I guess we will wait and see

Like at the end of the green bay game, you mean?
I know, who sm I going to believe, my own eyes, or what you’re telling me.
One of us wants be in a perpetual rebuild.
That’s not me.


Gotta win one before you win two.

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Ill take stafford for the last 2 mins… i will take goff for the first 58mins. How many QBs have the Lions ever had that were better than these guys? Exactly zero. The odds of finding a better guy on your next try? 100:1 or worse

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He damn near won us the Buffalo game (communication breakdown with chark)… and he did win us the GB game. He fought hard and kept scoring a shit ton against philly and seattle. Our defense failed us. Anyone with any knowledge of football who watched our offense last season has very few problems with goff. The last 10 games he was playing at an allpro level