Would you take this draft?

I traded down in the pro football network draft simulator and came away with this

  1. Calijah kancy

2024 Carolina 1st
2024 chargers 1st
2024 ny giants 1st
2024 Denver 1st
2024 chargers 2nd
2024 nyj 5th

I’d take it. I gave up a third round pick this year but got one back and a couple low round picks.

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Interesting. Tempting. Maybe if the rebuild was complete.
I don’t think I could.

It would allow us to go get Caleb Williams next year if we wanted to move on from Goff


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Not really interested in deferring and deferring and deferring
Rookie contracts are going to start rolling over
Don’t want to get into situation where you have 3 round 1 rookies coming due in same year
Just maximize each year
If you trade down and get a couple selections for next year that’s fine, but not “serial trading down”

Nobody’s ever done this — probably for good reason! :grinning:


We can still make that happen, if we want to.
We need to complete the rebuild and we are ideally set.

Not necessarily. It takes a willing partner, and not everyone will play ball at 1oa.

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Everyone is taking QB’s this year, according to the talking heads.

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I’d pass, we’re throwing away this year’s draft for the next couple, if I saw that correctly. I’m hoping this years draft can get us to a playoff run.

I am all for a trade down, for more picks this year.

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But just think of how many picks you could get in 25 by trading those 24 picks.


By 2037, we will have 53 draft picks, enough to assemble an entire roster in 1 draft!

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The simulator only does the first round. So in this scenario we would have the 30th pick in the first this year in which I took kancey. We’d still have both our second round picks, one third and one fifth. Next year we would have 5 first round picks, 2 second round picks 1 third and fourth, 2 fifths and a sixth and seventh.

If the 2024 draft has a true superstar quarterback we’d have the ammo to go get him. As well as insurance picks in case we wanted to move on from decker who would be 30. Or if jamo doesn’t pan out for some reason. At the very least it would give us a ton of flexibility to make any kind of move Holmes wanted to make.

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Understanding it a little better, I’d be open to it. These mock draft simulators are fun to play with but not very realistic many times.

Of course not. I do like the idea of adding 5 blue chip talents to our team in one draft. Especially if a gifted quarterback emerges. I like Goff. I know we can win with him. However, if there’s an opportunity to draft a high end franchise quarterback you have to make that move.

Nothing is a given unless you have the 1st overall pick.

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What’s the breakdown of all these picks? How did you get em?


As great as it would be having that many 1st round picks, i think the cap implications would be an albatross in both the short and long term.

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Only if you actually took a player with all those picks. In the hypothetical draft, when the one with five first round picks take place, I think you end up with more trades, some up some pushing things forward again.

No, i don’t see the draft as realistic just as @najacks didn’t.

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Oline men play well into their late 30s. The idea of moving on from Decker is a bad one. Barring injury he could be here another 8 years easily. He also mentioned in an interview that he took it personally when he heard all the trade decker rumors. He said he wants to be considered a key piece of the franchise and retire here.

And hell no i do not want a 265lb dt in the first 2 rounds ever.

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