Year 7 Goff > Year 7 Stafford

I come in peace fellas… but I have been very critical of Goff and here to eat Crow. Goff is starting to look real good when he has some healthy weapons.

Props to Goff, BJ, DC and the entire offensive staff, but we can win a lot of games with this offense… just wait until we add Jamo more than 5 snaps!!!

And I love Stafford for the record, got several #9 jerseys, so chill.


Goff sucks though.

We need to draft a qb.

Only lions


I mean i said that last year when he was terrible… but he’s playing great with weapons… don’t see how real fans can ignore this…

Goff is pretty good with talent around him


Spot on. People don’t always see this. 2013 Stafford had a late season meltdown and 2014 Stafford couldn’t grasp an under center offense. That offense squandered the best defense we have had in half a century

If Goff were QB in 2014, with Tate and CJ we beat Dallas and make a deeper run

The other point from your observation is Stafford continued to improve and arguably had his best season in 2017-.2019 with the Lions. That would project to 2025 -2027 for Goff


Welcome aboard brother. Room is plenty on this bandwagon.

The hate Goff has gotten in here is one of the strangest phenomenons I’ve ever witnessed-


This is a very mature and positive way to look at it… if Stafford can improve in his late 20’s, why the heck can’t Goff!?

Most of the best QB’s in nfl history got better in their late 20’s after 7-10 years of experience


A couple of other things to think about, watch the video of the locker room celebration today and when DC mentions Goff and his play to the team, they erupted with cheers

Which brings me to my 2nd point regarding Goff, his teammates love him. We were down to the Bears in the 4tj quarter and one of the bears players took that late hit on Goff and it awoke the whole team. They have been lights out since. IMO that is the turning point of the season


Absolutely ridiculous stat… 2015 season Lions rushed for 1,334 yards on the season… To date this season 1,525!!!


Dear god don’t let Goff become the new Stafford.

Insecure much?


Herbert is in danger of not making the playoffs a 3rd year in a row to start his career, and I wouldn’t be shocked if the Phins fell apart down the stretch too…. Both Tua and Herbert are likely to da d their respective 240-270M extensions this off-season.

Josh Allen might win the SB this year, or he may get bounced from the playoffs before the AFC Championship again this year.

I bet we will soon see that both Cleveland and Denver made massive mistakes trading away all that draft capital, and paying all that cap money….

I bet that the Cardinals owner will regret his Kingsbury hire and Murray extension by November is next year.

It truly amazing what a phenomenon Mahomes has caused.


If Goff has a clean pocket and his receivers get separation, he’s up there with the best right now.

But only when that stuff happens.

He had a clean pocket really all day today and St. Brown and Chark both had very good games.

But I’ll be honest, Goff made a couple of wow throws today that left me very impressed. By far his best game as a Lion.


Really great post.

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That’s fair… I’m guilty of it myself… but Goff has earned my respect in year 2. He’s a top 12 QB in the nfl, BJ and DC deserve a lot of credit too

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sounds familiar*

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Depends on the team. On the Lions 12 might be about right. On the Bears, I can think of more than 12 QBs that will fare better there.

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All five guys and Cabinda with Wright lurking and Jackson to check on him at the start, not to mention Goff jawing at them, which every teammate will respect as long as he is smart. Which he was. #85 grabbed him and he walked off and let his big fellas handle the dirty work.

Funny part is commentator was even like “Hey, not the smartest move to mess with those guys.”

Dan Campbell isn’t the only one who has this team. Goff does, too.


If Goff wins a playoff game as Lions QB he will have been a better Lions QB than Stafford was, change my mind.


But he wasn’t terrible. He had no one to throw the ball to, never the same oline. St brown came around late, abd bottom defense as well.

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That’s an interesting take….

I would debate that no QB in the league, or history of the league could lead this exact Bears depth chart to more than 9 wins… and I think that is crazy generously optimistic.

So yes, I’d concur that guys like Lamar, Fields, Hurts, Herbert, Mahomes etc may well have more success with that roster….

I’d argue that if the Patriots has Cam and the Panthers TB, then Bill would have less rings and Brady would be retired with 1-2 max….

I’m giving Goff props for real , but he is in a better situation than Stafford ever was and Matt had some of thee worst moron GM’s, HC’s, DC’s, and leaders I have ever seen on a football team…It’s not even close…yup Matt had CJ until our staff saw fit to get rid of him, Tate, Amendola, and Golladay…all gone the group never recovered, the Defense blew, The Oline saw Stafford get beat to a pulp in his career here, Goff never had that issue here. AND Goff’s team will not quit fighting no matter what , I’ll admit to a piss-poor memory on my behalf, but I can’t remember the team fighting like this while Stafford was the back.

I saw players out of shape, out of position, that seemed confused on what their jobs were, and were getting ran over during games and laughed at as a team…Stafford was on.

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