Your favorite Beatle

Ok so thinking of Kelee Ringo and how awesome his last name would be for gifs and just overall fun… and from what I’ve seen he looks like he’s gonna be a top CB/safety in this draft…

But going completely off that, for all you Beatles fans out there, who is your favorite beatle?

I waver between Lennon and McCartney… i have always loved McCartney’s sense of melody and hooks and ability to write incredible and memorable pop songs… but I think Lennon was the coolest one, and he was no slouch at writing great melodies just in a different way. And my favorite Beatles song is a Lennon song I believe (strawberry fields forever).

Anyway, just wondering what everyone thinks. I love the Beatles.

Its Showtime Halloween GIF by Death Wish Coffee


Its Showtime Halloween GIF by Death Wish Coffee

Michael Keaton was not a Beatle.

But yes I love Beetlejuice too :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Haha @wolfcub36, you beat me by 30 seconds.


Oh yeah just wanted to say you can include the other two non official/official Beatles. Billy Preston and Harry Nillson. Those guys rocked too

  1. McCartney
  2. Harrison
  3. Lennon
  4. Starr
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Ok cool and very good list! now follow up question, favorite Beatles song, regardless of who primarily wrote it.

Also I know that’s an unfair question because my favorite Beatles songs always kinda fluctuate, so a top 3 or 5 favorite songs are cool too!

And I’ll start, all answers are acceptable! In no particular order (aside from strawberry fields)

  1. strawberry fields
    Eleanor rigby
    And your bird can sing/I’m only sleeping (one of these two!)
    Hey bulldog

And I will also give honorable mention and not include in the list because it stands by itself, but basically the entire last half of the first side and entire second side of abbey road gets it’s own category.

Favorite Beatles album in order is probably 1) revolver, 2) abbey road 3) magical mystery tour/sgt pepper


Best songs
Dont let me down
Here comes the sun
A Day in the life

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Favorite songs/albums?

Man, that’s a tall order.

I gotta say, there were a couple of summers as a kid where we’d hang out at one fellas house whose parents had a bad-ass stereo setup and a great taste in music. We used to rock out to Queen, Styx, KISS, Skynard, and a couple of our summertime favorites… Wango Tango and Sgt Pepper. I guess I’d probably be more fond of Sgt Pepper songs than any other, but depending on your mood, there’s nearly a dozen songs that could easily be top 3.

Let It Be will always be near the top though.

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Abbey road hands down
Sgt peepers lonley hearts club band

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I don’t know how to tell you this @DetroitStrong - But Kurt Cobain wasn’t in the Beatles.

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Man that’s awesome. I just love having these conversations because there is no wrong answer and I think what I love the most is hearing people’s personal experiences and relationships with the music…

I missed the Beatles and was born after Lennon got killed. But hearing about the music scene then and people who were alive to experience it, I’ll always love and was probably the impetus behind this thread. Hearing Queen, kiss, all that as it came out I can’t imagine how awesome that was.

My mom saw the Beatles at Cobo back during beatle mania in like 64 before they stopped touring. She said she couldn’t hear anything because everyone was screaming so loud. It’s funny how they went from a boy band at the time to one of the most influential art bands ever, and completely stopped touring during what most people consider the best period of music they had.

So I love this and like I said I’m not looking for right or wrong answers, just thought it was time we should talk about how awesome the Beatles were

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Kurt’s favorite beatle was John Lennon! Courtney love’s was Paul McCartney. So take that for whatever it’s worth lol

Also man let it be… such a cool album. Do you prefer the original release of let it be or do you like the let it be naked version better? The let it be naked was I think how they originally planned to release it, then shit went down or whatever… I still really like let it be too.

But if him and John Lennon were still alive, and the remaining members of nirvana played with t
Paul McCartney… imagine if everyone was still alive!!! There would’ve been a beatles/nirvana EPIC ROCK SHOW!!!

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Favorite song on that album?