Anzalone is back $18.75M/3yr


Definitely more than I expected the final details to reveal. I really thought the true base value would fall between 4-5mil AAV, but it didn’t even fall below 6mil.

He is clearly a leader on this team and very knowledgable of the defense. I think the guy we saw the second half of the season was a pretty damn good starting LB’er. The guy we saw the first year and a half was a liability more often than not, IMO. Lets hope we get the good version moving forward.



Thank you @WestCoastLionsFan. You can lead a horse to water, but can’t make them drink it.


so 9 mill guaranteed from OTC

mmm, thats not bad, a bit more than expected, but still nnot bad


Pretty much means we are going to pay $12.2M for 2yrs.


Not bad then tbh

Well, if $6.1M for the first two years are good, then $6.1M for the 3rd year should be good too, which means everyone complaining about $18.75M/3yrs contract was wrong. :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:


again it did come down to the gurantees for me personally

which is about half that contract

overall, happy about it

guarantees are overrated, the structure of the contract is more important, by guaranteeing half his salary in year two, you essentially guarantee the entire year 2 salary.

Guaranteeing $9M is really not much different than guaranteeing $12M


I honestly don’t know anything other than what I saw on the field. I feel like he is a slightly below average LB.

If you all say his contract is reasonable, I believe you.

I do wonder about who we were bidding against, though. Was there competition fighting over AA?

For those who are upset about the anzalone deal, we can drop him in year three with just a small (2.4 mil) cap hit. That seems “team friendly” to me.

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Minus Carolina he was really good down the stretch. Even just using the eye test but it’s my understanding that advanced metrics also liked his second half of the season play.


Yeah I agree. I thought he was great in fact. I was just talking how most of our fanbase doesn’t think he’s any good.


It’s interesting that everyone excuses Goffs first year and a half and cling to his great finish but can’t give Anzalone the same benefit of the doubt.

If we picked him up as a FA and looked at his highlights we’d be excited about him and understand the price point. Then you factor in the intangibles.

He’s really the glue. Cominsky, who the team called the coach of the d-line called anzalone the coach on the field. Sutton who is considered the coach of the DBs seems to respect and highly regard Analone too.

He wasn’t a third round pick for nothing.


But you can waterboard them as some posters try to do :laughing:

In fairness to Goff, it was only half a season, once they fired Anthony Lynn and DC and Ben Johnson took over the play calling last season, Goff played much better and last season he was money pretty much all year


That five game stretch was rough for Goff and the goffense… abzalone had steady improvement. He had a career year. I don’t recall any particular bad stretch by him. But I get your point

Yea, good point. It’s funny how many couldn’t wait to get rid of Anzalone and Will Harris but wanted to keep Elliot and Evan Brown who both got peanuts and had no market. The way the front office and coaches feel about some of these players compared to how the fans feel couldn’t be more opposite.



Anzalone and Chauncey Gardner Johnson

Both Gators 2 years apart

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