Are we done talking about Goff?

Sure looks like an NFL QB. :man_shrugging:t2:

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He gone

Good job weez


I don’t agree that if Dan wasn’t all in of Goff that he’d say it. Why would he? There’s no benefit to it. I think Goff is serviceable and will improve but when you watch the tape it’s easy to shut him down with simple pressure schemes. Commanders did it against us.

You could easily see how a slightly more mobile quarterback would REALLY make the defense pay sorta like we paid against the eagles (especially since we have a deep threat like Jamo, and a RB who can take a dump off to the house) but instead the play shuts down under goff.

I think we could be as dominant as the eagles. Even more so with even a slightly more mobile QB. I think that’s what would be necessary to win the bowl. Unless we REALLY dominate on defense.

I think holmes knows this and sees this and so he isn’t 100%. But he might just believe we don’t NEED to be perfect at every position to win it all.


He’s just afraid of D-linemen in his face. Although he’s already gotten much better since last year.

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If it weren’t for awful coaching- the Browns would be 3-0, and instead they are 2-1… with BRISETT!!!

The crazy thing will be if Goff goes 26-40 for 290 yards with 3 tds and 0 ints and we win 31-27 on the road….

At some point we will lose some games… and Goff will look bad- HOWEVER if Jamo is as good as ASB, then Goff will be a Pro Bowl QB-


One thing about Goff that gets overlooked is that he is the ultimate team player. He wants to win and counts team wins over personal stats. If he has a good running game he’ll gladly hand the ball off every play if that’s what is best for the team. That might tag him with the dreaded game manager label but he can’t be accused of being a stat padder.


On this team…yup
Tom Brady would not have won on this team

IMO - Lamar and Murray are out…don’t want 'em
Burrow and Herbert are going to do amazing…you’d have HUGE issues trying to get me to believe Goff is as good as either of them. Burrow got hurt in his first year and went to the SB in his 2nd, if memory serves me correctly.

Goff played on muuuuuch better teams than most young QBs do as well.

…unless the OL is really good. :wink:
How were his stats last year? Or is he a different guy now?
Let us not pretend that doesn’t matter…as well as downplaying what Ra is, in conjunction with what Swift is bringing to the party…this is a VERY good offense.

So you think the cast has nothing to do w/QB ratings? Not at all how I see it. This is why Matt won a SB 15 minutes after he left town. It matters an absolute shit ton.

I think Goff is 12-15th best QB in the NFL…that’s pretty freakin’ good.
He’s not the guy that takes over a game and wins it for ya though
…just my takes

Yes…and Yes!

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Bet he didn’t feel very lucky a year ago. You know, back when he had 2 fans and zero receivers.


hate dragging Stafford into Goff threads. Matt had thee worst ownership, leadership, coaching, GM’ing…defenses , RB units , he had a few really nice WR’s and a few pee-on’s to.

Matt relected on this, common sense told him "with this ownership AND the individuals they see fit to lead…Stafford would never win. our leaders THEN, could barely build lines correctly , had our players confused, had the eye for keeping talent around -like Stevie Wonder , and couldn’t spell win. Stafford saw this and decided no more of this BS clown show. He walked away into a brand new team and out the damn gate, won a ring ! Goff has worlds better staff in place teaching him, guiding him…and a better more prepared team here /now. They are coached right, directed right, built correctly , and are beginning to flourish . this is something Stafford NEVER HAD in Detroit. Still the man was bigger and broke records while he was in Detroit. that is history now. The next time you want to drag Stafford’s name through the mud…think about all the BS that man was put through here. Goff is light years in a better place than Matt ever was.

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I do find the heading of this thread funny. No disrespect intended at all……

We talked about stafford for 12 years. 100’s of threads, maybe even 1,000’s. @Nate

The day we stop talking about Goff he is no longer a lion…….and even then we might talk about him……:joy::joy::joy::crazy_face:


The logic they are using would literally be like saying “Swift is better than Barry Sanders, because he has higher YPC.”
Ridiculous claim.
That OL is REALLY good…even with backups in there.
Our coach is a friggin animal, and he’s teaching that mentality to the fellas.

Barry is better than Swift.
Stafford is better than Goff.
This OL is something we’ve never seen in Detroit.
Dan Campbell is football Jesus.
Brad is a wizard conjuring things out of thin air (late rounds).


Right you are.

He probably didn’t feel lucky when he joined the Golden Bears, who went 3-9 the year before he started for Day 1 as a true freshman. But he signed on and became a big part of the turnaround.

He probably didn’t feel lucky when he was drafted by the Rams, who hadn’t had aa winning record in 12 seasons. But he signed on and became a big part of the turnaround.

And, yeah, he probably didn’t feel lucky when he was traded to the Lions, a team so deficient in offensive talent that Josh-Freakin’- Reynolds instantly became their de facto #1 WR the moment he was CLAIMED OFF WAIVERS mid-season. But he signed on and … let’s see!


Who cares about Stafford. I’m enjoying watching Goff and this team. For years we had to watch an offense that was all shotgun and throw throw throw throw throw. One dimensional and boring.

Now we are seeing an offense that fools people and is currently number one in explosive plays over 20 yards. The Lions have rushed for more than 10 yards on 11 plays and Goff has completed eight passes of 20 or more yards.

I mean a few years ago we had defenders calling our offensive plays due to being so predictable and tells on the offense. Now, last week the cameraman was fooled so badly on one play it panned to a confused Washington secondary as Amon Ra was streaming in from the slot for a chunk play


So true. lOve it so much. Conviction and commitment…even in fakes (that’s what makes 'em work).

This is EASILY my favorite Lions team of all time.
Look at the guts, the effort, and how many quality human beings we have.
We’re gonna have like 10 “fan favorites” on our team.

How good of a dude is Ragnow?
How fun is it to root for Ra, who plays far beyond any expectation
Rodrigo, who is proving doubters more and more wrong on a weekly basis?
Rooting for Swift, who never reached his potential under other regimes?
Skip’s story?
J-Will’s personality and commitment to the brotherhood
JaMoss with the quiet intensity and extreme commitment to being his best
Okudah’s commitment and overcoming the odds…succeeding after Patricia’s bs
Fox…so much more than just a punter
The UDFAs like Jacobs who are ride or die Detroit

This entire team is just a bunch of committed warriors that love Dan and the city of Detroit.

…That’s not even mentioning Dan himself. Who doesn’t wanna see that guy win?
AG? LOVE him
Crazy-eyed ST coach

Holy shit I love this team…already


OP: Are we done talking about Goff?
Not even close IMO.
Right now BJ’s scheme is making him look much better than he is. No different than 3 backup linemen and Swift looking like Barry.
Once teams start grasping what Ben is doing, we will need to rely on talent at the QB position. Here is where the real Goff will show up, by year end MOST on this board will be calling for a QB with our 1st 2 beanz.
No need to comment, just watch this play out.

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There is truth to this too, but Johnson will also adjust.
Johnson/Dan are doing amazing.
Run game is doing amazing.
The post I made above, about all of the guys (it’s really a post about energy :wink: ) …and that’s helping Goff too.
Scheme, Coaching, Energy, OL/phisicalitybullyBall, all helping Goff. He throws for 256 yards against the Redskins and 215 vs the Eagles, ppl talk like he’s Joe Montana.

I think whatever they do at QB is going to be HIGHLY controversial in the eyes of most fans.

Our schedule is gonna get muuuuuch easier, so don’t look for this offense to fall off…they are going to get BETTER!

I Believe Goff can do it.
Will he?
Dunno. While I don’t think he’s there yet, I see massive progression in his play, and I really do think he’s gonna have some at or near 400 yard games this year.

I only have one concern with him.

The lineman and Swift don’t look anything like Barry. Nobody looks like Barry.

Keep in mind Goff and Johnson developed this scheme together. Goff is going to the line with several play options out of a single look and is so far doing a good job manipulating defenses into looks he wants


@TN, Stafford has been pulled into countless threads over the past year and into 2022 many times various threads. so apparently somebody cares enough to keep discussing or bashing the guy , plenty. so for your question “who cares about Stafford ?” many do or they wouldn’t keep bagging on him even after the guy won a damn ring . The same old lines in the sand …between the sides stand .

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Good point. I think this point Stafford here is but a literary foil to the Goff narrative and a constant point of reference for potential double standards of this fan base judging performance

But just the mention brings up impassioned opinions well-tempered by years of stance. So discussions can go sideways quickly

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Put Brady on 2013 or 2014 and we have a Superbowl Maybe even 2016 and 2017

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