Blocking WR's

It’s no secret than Anthony Lynn likes to run the ball. Do you think this will weigh-in to which WR we take?
It’s hard to have a good run-game if your WR’s can’t block downfield.

Which of the WR’s in this draft can block?

Well if Pitts is being viewed as a WR, he still can’t block good enough for that position :joy::joy:

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I don’t think we pass on a WR because he didn’t have to block much.

WR can help by blocking an are asked to at least get in the way , but last i read it was run an get open an then catch the ball

We really, really value speed

This does seem to be a little bit of a departure from Rams/Snead who went after fundamentally sound, cerebral WRs that are willing blockers.

Speed wasn’t a priority.

In the Jeff Fisher era they had a lot of bad WRs that were big and strong but had stone hands. Somehow Kenny Britt had a 1k yard season dropping the easiest passes.

Woods and Kupp are versatile guys that can run everything but deep.

At Cal, Goff had all types of WRs Big, fast, crafty and he spread the ball to all of them.

I agree Holmes has primary acquired speed. Let’s see if he doesn’t get a big guy in the draft or a more Kupp like slot/fundamental guy that is a willing blocker.


Scwhwartz catches the ball well. He’s never really been paired with overly competent QB play. I really like him.

The Rams seem to have focused on cerebral wide receivers in the draft because without first round picks all their choices are pushed down a round. They address pressing needs in the second and their receivers get pushed to third round and after. At that position you are not going to find a player with every skill and the Rams seem willing to pass on elite athleticism. Robert Woods was a second round pick who played second fiddle to Sammy Watkins in Buffalo and has far exceeded expectations a Ram. There is always a hope that the Lions’ free agents can also improve.

There’s fast and then there’s …


I’ll throw some names out there that aren’t the big name WR’s we constantly talk about.

Josh Palmer is a physical WR who blocks with enthusiasm. He’s a bit of a sleeper because his stats at Tennessee were unspectacular to say the least. However he never had a QB to throw to him either. The kid can play and I think some team will get a steal when they draft him.

Sage Surratt is another physical blocker. He chose to sit out the Covid year but looked good at the senior bowl.

Tylan Wallace - I’ve brought him up several times on the board. Think he goes round two and if not for his knee injury hed easily be a first rounder. This kid can play and he’s one of my favorite WR’s in the draft. But what people might not know is he’s a willing blocker and he’s not bad at it either. Especially for a WR who is under 200lbs. If we pass on a WR round one than I hope this guy is who we take round two.

Trevon Grimes he plays a little like Golladay. He’s a physical WR who does a good job of boxing out defenders and winning contested catches. He’s a willing blocker and isn’t afraid of contact.

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I highly doubt Parsons is under consideration at 7. Just doesn’t fit the themes that every decision maker has talked about

I was just about to mention KG in regards to Grimes’ workout. Pretty similar profiles.

Can Tylan run every route tree short, intermediate and deep? Is he shifty? Is he a yac wr? Is he a willing blocker and tough as hell? I want all that in a WR thus the reason for my love affair with Devonta Smith.

He wasn’t asked to run every route at Oklahoma State but showed at the Senior Bowl it shouldn’t be a problem, he looked great. Just cause he hasn’t done it doesn’t mean he can’t.

Yes, he’s shifty.

Yes, he’s good at YAC.

Yes, he’s a willing blocker, and I’d say he’s the toughest receiver in the draft. My comp for him has always been Steve Smith. Not as a like for like skills comp, but for his attitude.

On top of that, he’s the best catch point receiver in the draft, despite his size. If the ball’s in the air, it’s his, he’s coming down with it.

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I think he and Amon-Ra St. Brown have the most Steve Smith like dog in them. Neither is as explosive as Smith was coming out of college though.

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I saw tylan vid. His burst at the line of scrimmage can’t compare to Smith. Smith has everything you want in a WR

I’m not saying I’d take Wallace over Smith, nobody would say that. But would I take Sewell + Wallace in the 3rd over Smith + 3rd round tackle? Yeah, I probably would. It’s about their opportunity cost. Smith will cost our 1st rounder. Wallace will cost a late 2nd/early 3rd. Big difference.

Also, go back and watch Tylan’s tape from 2018 and 2019, before the knee injury, he was far more explosive. He still performed well in 2020, but he wasn’t as explosive as he’d been before. I expect him to be more explosive this year, he was already showing signs of it at the Senior Bowl.


I’ve always got a Hines Ward vibe out of Tylan. Wallace has more magic at the catch point though.

Here is a thread I started on him a while back ago. It’s got some good stuff in it.

Honestly this kid would be a high first if not for his knee injury. He’s a stud that could be a viable option round two.

He is one of my favorite WR’s in the draft.

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I like Brown too He does make a good blocking effort and is a physical blocker. I’ve actually seen him make some great blocks and some poor ones. I guess you could say he’s a little inconsistent but I think he can be a solid blocker.

As a player overall he’s pretty good. He’s one of the WR’s I like round two and one of the reasons I think we could decide to pass on a WR round one. There’s a few good options that could be available in round two. He’s another one.

I’m not sure I get the Smith comparison. I see more Robert Woods and Keenan Allen to be honest… actually Robert Woods is pretty close comparison in my opinion.

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I don’t think Wallace makes it to round 3 unless his knee shows concerns medically. In which case do you want him?

I agree and brought this up in the thread I links above. His speed and explosion are just coming back. Last year he wasn’t 100% and it was obvious.

If he hadn’t been injured I think he’d be in conversation for the 4th WR to be drafted and would have likely went mid round one. Now he’s a solid mid round two guy in my opinion.

I like him and if his knee checks out I’d consider him round two.

Here is Grimes beating Patrick Surtain.