Can't stand Kyle Meinke

I was just listening to Kyle Meinke on their Dungeon of Doom podcast. How much he loves BH’s press conference, and BH taking shots at the media, etc. Then Kyle rants about how terrible the media is about this stuff calling it “bull$hit”.

I can’t stand Meinke. He’s so two faced. In many of his articles he writes how “TE’s are notoriously known as the hardest position to learn” which drives me nuts, and I think he just won’t get over his love affair for Ebron.

This guy always rips the Lions. And completely shit on them when they lost to the 49’ers SOL style.

He ripped the Lions for their draft. And wouldn’t let it go. He kept going on about how they should, and should of drafted Tyree Wilson. Then after watching Jalen Carter, only after watching Carter play, he constantly said how the Lions should have picked him.

Carter was never in the mix. The red flags, the rumors of laziness, out of shape, etc is not the kind of player this team wants. Good for him that he had a great season, but many other teams passed on him also.

I had to vent about Kyle Meinke.


Never cared for his lazy journalism. I find it hard to believe there isn’t a die hard Lions fan with journalism experience. We need our next Tom K!


It is - other than possibly QB. There’s tons of analytics about this. That’s why it’s repeated often.

No, he doesn’t.

LMFAO. No, he didn’t. This is from his gameday article:

"You have to figure the Lions will be back next season. They’re one of the five youngest teams in the league, and almost all their key players are under contract for next season. With the way Brad Holmes reloads in the draft, help at cornerback and in the pass rush is inevitable in the coming months. The payroll is in good shape too, and the Lions are going to be one of the hottest destinations for prospective players.

The Lions could be even better next season. They really could be."

Again, you’re just spewing bullshit. Meinke has been on record as pretty much anti-Carter forever. He mocked Wilson and then was on the Witherspoon train. In fact, he refused to mock Carter to the Lions because he thought he didn’t fit the same mold as Sewell and Hutchinson.


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Great post!:+1:t4:


Like no dude, no one is “spewing bullshit.” With your aggressive ass reply.

You must really love the guy for taking all this time to prove his innocence. I would love to do that but who’s got the time?

It’s easy to pick and choose what you can screen shot and put on here. You have to read, and listen to his stuff regularly. Especially when the guy jumps on and off ships. Like, I can’t stand the guy. I think he’s too faced. The things I said are TRUE. Why isn’t that okay with you?

No one is debating TE’s having a difficult time developing. It’s the amount of times he’ll write that exact phrase in an article. Ever since Ebron. Kyle loved Ebron, so it was his standard lazy, repeat himself writing.

Yeah, he bashed the draft consistently. That tweet is what I mean. Because weeks later, after seeing Carter be a great player then ALL the sudden he says they should have drafted him. Then goes off on “positional” value. Forgetting that he said many, many, many times including after the draft they should have picked Wilson.

Then when Gibbs does great, and LaPorta, etc. He jumps on the bandwagon unless they have a bad game then its… and i quote… “cough cough Carter”.

Now his latest podcast he’s all over BH’s sack talking smack about people like himself. You and Kyle can GTFO.

Yeah, I definitely made a mistake taking you off ignore. Luckily, that’s a mistake that can be quickly and easily fixed.


Also, just gonna leave this here as a parting gift:


With receipts like that we’ll probably have to start calling you Bradicus.

Plus we could use “I am Bradicus! No, I am Bradicus!” memes every time the press gets too critical.


Real footage of you taking him off of ignore:

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Time after time I find myself laughing at your posts. You call yourself the CATHOLICninja and there is nothing religious/virtuous/catholic about your behavior …

Hard to forgive his days of doing the hipster top button thing

Not often you see such a thorough and simultaneously self inflicted evisceration.


This may be the biggest smackdown levied on this board. I just read that. Yikes.


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Obviously the OP is a complete tool, but honestly I think Meinke is one of the better beat writers. I mean there were people on here who bashed Killer left and right until he passed and he was fantastic (RIP). The point being every beat writer will always be bashed because there will always be fans like the OP. The Lions have some duds but they also have some decent guys too thankfully.


Yeah, of all the Detroit Lions beat writers that he could choose from, I don’t know how Carlos slips off the hook. He’s Drew and Rob bad.

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No one is Rob Parker bad. No one.