DeAndre Hopkins To Be Dealt Soon

That makes this an asshole move by the Cardinals. The entire reason the June 1st designation was created was so that veteran players wouldn’t have to sit on the vine until June 1st to finally get cut. The NFL felt they deserved more respect than that. The Cardinals disagree.


As far as receivers go, Nuke doesn’t fit Jonathan Gannon’s Pew Pew Pew Shots! Explosives! mantra.

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To me this seems like a move the Chiefs would make. So if we sign Hop, we are also keeping him away from the Chiefs. For our team we will be bringing in a competitor that forces the best out of our DBs in practice. The signing would also send a message that we are going for it…right now.

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32 years.

phuk it.

sign him now!!!


Not sure how legit this is, but Holmes would not be doing his job if he wasn’t interested. The WR room could definitely use the help while Jamo is sidelined and we can’t be 100% sure how much we can count on Jamo right now.

For a team who has a legit shot at a Super Bowl, Holmes needs to be poking around. It may never go anywhere, and that’s okay.

I would personally be floored if it happened though. That is 100% a win now move and means they have legit Super Bowl aspirations.


Only 30 but will be 31 in a week.

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How does it work if the Lions or anyone else signs Hopkins?

Why do you believe not a fit?

My concern is he’s me-first and cares more about money than winning. There’s plenty of stories out there saying the Cardinals were angry with him at the end of last season for not suiting up when he could have played.

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Word was that the Cards were going to pay most of if not all of his contract this year. So if that happens it’d be up to the team that acquires him to pay the rest.

But word now is they’re just going to flat out release him. Which means they’ll take the cap hit on their end and it’s business as usual for anyone who wants to sign him.

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He gets the money from them no matter if someone else signs him?
If that’s the case, would he sign a 1 year deal on the cheap?..or no?

No, rephrase. Unless it’s guaranteed (which I don’t think it is), they would have agreed to pay his money in a trade so that the other team didn’t have to cough it up (or most of it, anyway).

If they do in fact cut him and it’s not guaranteed, they only suffer the cap hit and he loses it (again unless any of it is guaranteed).

Whoever signs him treats it like a UFA signing. They offer a contract and if he accepts it, they pay him and absorb the new contract into their salary cap. So if he signs a one year deal, that would all count against the team that signs hims cap this year and I believe let AZ off the hook but we’d have to check with @DeadStroke on that last part about AZ being let off the hook.

That does seem a little strange though. Murray was out injured for the season, they were like 4-11 at the time. Shit I’d have been trying to lose.

I’m sure their FO was, but the coaches and to a lesser extent players were fighting for their jobs.

Sign him to a 1 year deal with an option. Put escalators in the contract to keep him from ■■■■■■■ up.


Looks like he’s using the football as a pillow



You can only use Brady’s football for a pillow because it hardly has any air in it.


They already released him i believe.